Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Easter

Since late Friday evening my time has been filled with Easter related activities. As Chase was getting ready for bed, I decided the Easter basket he has used for years was no longer sufficient for him. It's one of those cute fabric ones, shaped like a firetruck, bought for him when he was three because his world was firetrucks and fire fighters. Now that he is a young man of almost ten, I realized that the basket no longer served his purpose of not only hunting eggs, but also hunting a basket that possibly holds a small present or two.

So I decided to weave a new basket for him.

I should have waited until Saturday morning to begin working on his basket. I felt that I had too much to do on Saturday to give the proper time to the basket so it was better to start late at night. Chase went to bed shortly after I finished weaving the bottom and started the sides and I continued working for almost two more hours. I knew when I went to bed, with only trimming left to do, that something was not quite right with the basket. I realized Saturday morning that I used the wrong handle and it was causing the basket to be a bit lop-sided. I stared at the basket while sipping my morning cup of coffee and contemplated making another, better shaped basket.

It doesn't matter how it looked, however. Chase loves his basket. He didn't even comment on the lopsidedness of it, just that it would be able to hold lots of plastic eggs. I love that little guy.

I baked challah bread yesterday, but not just any challah bread. These rolls were shaped like bunnies (based on a suggestion from my dad). Chase didn't like the regular bodies on these bunny rolls so we braided the bread instead and turned them into little rolls. He says if gives the appearance of fluff. I also baked oatmeal cookies, but not just any oatmeal cookies (are you starting to notice a pattern here?) These I got from the Food Network magazine and have white chocolate chips and chopped peaches. We took some to my mother-in-law who is recovering from surgery and munched on them around the house. Needless to say, there were only four left last night before bed. I made another batch this morning.

I sometimes wonder if I aim too hard for perfection and then overshoot it. I don't want to be the best at everything, just possibly at one thing. I enjoy cooking, but I know I have a lot to learn still. I enjoy knitting, but am still treading water as a beginner. I love throwing pottery, sitting at a wheel and molding the clay to my liking, but I am a novice potter.

I was once told I should focus on one thing, learn to do it well, then move on. It's an interesting theory, a good one, but I fear I'll miss out if I focus on just one thing. So for now I will do a handful of different things well and work toward perfecting them all.

As for Easter... the ham is out of the oven, the potatoes are in roasting, and soon the green bean casserole will go in. It's just our little family today and I'm okay with that. Between the baking and cooking I have been knitting on the sweater for my mother and finishing up one of my final exams online. Tonight I plan on sitting back and putting something on TV for background noise and working more on the sweater while eating one of those delicious cookies (or two..maybe three) and sipping a good cup of coffee.

Happy Easter!

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