Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finishing the Semester

"As Rachel Lynde used to say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in Geometry or not." - Letter from Anne to Marilla from Anne of Green Gables

A few weeks ago I remembered this line from Anne of Green Gables and found it fitting for my current feeling on Statistics. It was the day I realized that as hard as I kept studying and getting help, I more than likely was not going to pass my class. I was coming to terms with this, and I have accepted it and am okay. Although the quote goes on to say she'd rather not live if she doesn't pass, I don't quite share that feeling with Anne. 

I enjoy math, I truly do, but this was an interesting class. Instead of it being mostly face time, it was mostly online. When it comes to math, I want to be in person when it is taught. I want to be able to ask questions at that moment, not send them in an email or wait until "lab" day. So I am going to continue enjoying the sun rising and move on with my education. 

Today I have two more exams and then this semester is officially done. Overall it's been an enjoyable semester and I am just a smidge closer to graduating. I'll be taking two classes this summer (a math class in person for seven weeks, and an online class that is the entire summer).  At least I have determination! 

The weather held on Tuesday and I was able to raku fire. I am pleased with my pieces and will take pictures of them later and post them. I always find it amusing that I tend to hunt the house for the best natural light (hard to come by since it has been so gloomy lately) for a photo shoot for various objects (yarn and books for example). But with raku, you want the light to hit each piece just right to capture the variance in colors.  

Chase is going on a field trip today that involves a lot of outdoor time (they're going to a local farm). I hope the weather clears a bit for the field trip so they don't spend all day dodging puddles and rain drops. 

I also have close friends in Alabama who I am praying for. I have not heard from them since early yesterday evening (both power and cell service were spotty at best) so I hope they are safe. 

Hug your loved ones.


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