Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Today is Wednesday and this is the day we dedicate to knitting projects and reading! I was introduced to the Wednesday Yarn Along by a wonderful woman, Ginny, and am excited to be a part of this. So Wednesdays I will post a picture of what I am reading and working on knitting wise.

Photo04270711_1 by emmsteroni 

Photo04270711_1, a photo by emmsteroni on Flickr.
With this being finals week, I am spending my reading time re-reading some things from the past semester (especially statistics). I have finished the front panels to my mother's sweater and am now finally working on the sleeves.


  1. Welcome to the Yarn along. Busy re-reading for school as well, wishing I had never signed up for or heard of Statistics. I look forward to seeing your mom's sweater completed!

  2. Thank you! I am really enjoying knitting with a group :) Good luck with your studying -- this is always such a hectic time of year. And I fully agree with you on Statistics.

  3. I am busy finishing the semester as well ... I didn't quite make it in time for this week's yarn along, although I posted anyway. :)

    I am not taking, nor ever have taken, statistics, so I can only sympathize with you from a distance as I grade portfolios!

  4. Good luck with your semester! I have found Stats to be quite evil. :)