Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cleaning Up, Moving In

Photo04300704 by emmsteroni
Photo04300704, a photo by emmsteroni on Flickr.
A morning gift from Chase.

This morning  I was woken up early by Chase's cat who was desperately trying to find where I had hidden my yarn stash. As I groggily sat at my lap top and sipped at a cup of coffee, Chase took Koda outside for me. I figured he actually went outside with her because he's quite curious about the fairy door that appeared on our tree recently. When he and Koda came back inside, he happily presented these little flowers to me. It made my day.

For the past two days I have been busy with spring cleaning and also unpacking. We moved into our home Thanksgiving of 2009, but I haven't completely unpacked still. At that time I was in school full time, working full time, and trying to settle our family in enough between two major holidays. Pictures didn't get hung. A lot of books (six totes worth) haven't been unpacked. Not to mention little things still needing a proper home. So I decided that while I was spring cleaning, I would also hang photos and finally settle everything. I'm tired of my front hall closet being full of totes of items that need a proper home.

Also with the spring cleaning comes sorting winter clothes, packing away that can still be worn and preparing a donation pile. We're also pulling out more of our spring/summer clothing so we need to sort everything. I have piles of washed laundry everywhere right now. I really need those empty totes to start storing some of these things!

The weather was quite nice today. A bit cool, but the sun was out for a good portion of the day and it made me want to be outside digging in the dirt. We might work in our yard tomorrow if I can get everything inside done. I'm looking forward to when the weather stays consistently warm so things can be planted and the front porch replaced.

For now I am going to spend time with Steve (who just returned from two days out of town and will be heading out again this coming week.)

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