Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remaining Optimistic

It's supposed to rain today. Actually, it's supposed to storm. Lately around here it rains (or snows) for a handful of days then we get one or two days of really beautiful weather. I call it teasing weather. It reminds you that spring is here and the weather is going to be wonderful. Then the rain and the cool air creep back in and saturates your bones. I know that rain comes with Spring; I don't need to be reminded of April showers bringing May flowers. But what if you can't even get those flowers in the ground because it just won't stop raining long enough to do anything outdoors?

My biggest concern with the rain today is that we were going to fire the raku kiln tonight in class. The raku kiln is an outdoor kiln and really should be fired in good weather (however, I have raku fired in the snow before, and actually, last spring we did it in the rain, too). I was hoping the storms they were predicting for today would have rolled through by now (they predicted they would, but they haven't) and then leave a window from 5pm to 10pm clear. So far we've had sun, some wind, but no rain. I am desperately trying to remain optimistic that the rain will hold off until 9. Please. Please. Please.

This morning Steve and I had blood work done together. Nothing spices up a relationship more than going and having someone draw a couple of vials out of you. It was no big deal for me, but Steve had some issues with his veins locking and ended up having both arms stuck. Why the blood work? I'll go into that in a separate post in the future.

I am remaining cautiously optimistic that I will finish the sweater I am knitting for my mother for her birthday before she arrives next Tuesday night. I may still be putting the finishing rows together while sitting in the train station parking lot, but by golly, I am going to try my best to get it done in time. I finished up the front panels last night and just have the sleeves to do. If I could dedicate all of my free time over the next week to knitting, I know I would be done with it. Sadly, this is also finals week and because that isn't enough to worry about, I am also in the middle of spring cleaning (again, mom is arriving in a week and my best friend and her family later that week).

Tomorrow I am dedicating to taking care of one major exam and also wrapping up another. Then I only have my in person exams to take on Thursday and I can wash my hands of this semester. After my exams tomorrow I'll work on cleaning more. A little at a time, right? And hey, if I accomplish what I set forth to do tomorrow during the day, I can lose myself in my skeins of yarn in the evening.

We'll see.

At some point I'll probably spruce up this blog and will also start to try and add pictures to my posts. I'm not the greatest photographer, but it would be nice to look back and see what is going on.

For now this will do.

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