Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Surprise Jacket -- Complete

Completed sweater.

Folded, but not stitched together.

Toggles! (the picture is bad as I was fighting the dark from the storm)

Stitched and toggled (Hi Sage!) - Front View

Back view (the boys are bird watching)

I finished the baby sweater early yesterday evening and am very pleased with the results. To finally be able to fold it together and see how the stripes worked together to form a lovely little jacket.

When I was planning to start this sweater, I didn't know what yarn I wanted to use. I went into my roughneck of yarn and found the navy blue and cream that my Mom had bought for something she was going to make for Chase that never materialized (and we both can't remember what exactly the project was). I figured this yarn would work well and the striping would be attractive. Steve said it was very nautical. Many times while knitting I was thinking about being on Tybee Island, GA, or of sand and sea.

Knowing I was close to finishing (and determined to be done this weekend), I went to my local yarn shop Friday to look for buttons. To keep with the nautical feel of the sweater, I thought little boats would be nice as buttons. As I drove to the yarn store I thought more of toggles. I love toggles, but have never put them on anything before. My heart was pulled more toward toggles. They didn't have any plain wooden toggles at the yarn store (or buttons, sadly), but I did find the toggles above. They're actually navy blue (though the picture is too dark to tell) and I think they fit perfectly.

Someday I will have a baby to put in the sweater. Someday...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Avoiding the rose bush by weeding from the porch.  

Many worms found while gardening.

Seven bags of yard waste from the front yard.

The results of all that weeding and removing of Vinca.

What's left of the Vinca. If the bags weren't full, the rest of the lighter color would have been removed.
Porch work.

Chase, Karen, and I worked in the front yard for four hours on Saturday. Karen enjoys yard work and uses it as her form of therapy. I could see that as I was yanking Vinca out from around the porch. Chase thoroughly enjoyed himself by digging and hunting worms. Many worms were transplanted to his garden boxes, but most of them stayed somewhere in the front yard.

I have no problem with the Vinca for the time being. It's a wonderful ground cover and until we know what exactly we want to put in the front beds, I'd rather leave it alone. Right now, however, with the porch project starting soon, we cleared out most of the Vinca from around the porch. I know it will happily be growing back shortly, and that is fine.

The porch project is going to be interesting. Every time George (Steve's dad) pulls up more boards, we find something interesting in how the construction was done. The support beams don't run from roof to ground, but rest on the porch floor and not on the cement supports. Instead of removing the lattice front, someone just tacked the vinyl portions to it. This caused premature rot along the edge of the porch which in turn led to sagging.

After purchasing 36 2x6x10 boards, we need to return them. The foundation for the porch is quite solid so we can actually just use 5/4 boards instead (Steve and I wanted to make sure the floor was sturdy). Now that we know the support issue was coming from a cobbled together outer frame, all should be good. I am not, however, looking forward to loading all of those boards back up, exchanging them, and picking up extras. Since we'll get rid of the vinyl skirting and opt to go back to lattice work, I am thinking it needs to be a nice, bright color. I'm leading towards red.

It rained last night. Today was nice early on, but around supper time we were under a tornado warning. Thankfully the system broke apart and went around us. Surprisingly we didn't get much rain out of it for which I am thankful for. We are still trying to dry out.

I have more pictures to share tomorrow of yarny things. The lighting was so bad indoors tonight when I finished due to the impending storm so I gave up taking pictures.

Until tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Droplets on Hosta leaves

It has stopped raining, again. There are so many stories on the news of flooding in our general area that I am thankful that other than a little bit of water in our basement (which tends to happen whenever it rains), we have had no real damage.

Instead of rain today, it is cold. Yesterday it was both. Chase and his class went to the Toledo Zoo for their field trip. The weather held for most of the day, but the rain came roaring in early in the afternoon. Chase returned from the field trip soggy and with a cold.

The Hostas along the driveway have been enjoying this extremely wet spring we're having. Sadly, many of Chase's seedlings haven't made it into the garden beds to enjoy the rain just yet. Those that were started later (things on a vine) are slow to grow because there is no sun coming in the room where his plants are.

It seems like we're going to flip-flop for the weekend, however. It's supposed to be sunny (with only spotty chances of storms) and temperatures are going to be in the upper eighties. Tomorrow morning Karen is going to come over and work in the yard with me and Chase. I'm looking forward to getting outside and digging in the dirt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

It's Wednesday! Today is the day I join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists and post pictures of our beautiful projects. If you are new here, please check out the other lovely projects through Ginny's blog. Happy knitting!

I wanted to start today with the neat circular knitting needles I am using as of late for all of my projects:

Circular knitting needles

Last year, Steve's mom was going through things at her mother's house and came back home with boxes of knitting magazines (circa the 1950s through the early 1980s) and these circular needles. Each box of needles had at least 4 needles within it. The only thing Karen (Steve's mom) can figure is that a store may have been going out of business and her father bought all of the needles for her mother. Karen begged me and my mother to take some of them. I think at final count she had over 100 circular needles in various sizes. Since I was still new to knitting (and hadn't even knitted on a circular needle yet), my mom picked some out for me and put them in the closet in my spare room.

Fast forward to now, I am happily using circular needles and can't even imagine knitting on straight needles anymore. When I decided to start Chase's sweater, I knew that my regular set of size seven needles were being used for another project. Mom reminded me of the needles that were hiding somewhere in the closet and finally I decided to look for them. I was giddy to find that I had multiple sizes and multiple of each size. This is why I made the comment earlier that as long as I had needles and yarn, I could have many projects going at once (a thought that scares Steve, I think).

I posted yesterday pictures of the BSJ that I am working on. I am also working on Chase's sweater. At the beginning of the year, determined to make something for Chase, he and I went to our local yarn store and sorted through patterns. As many people have already noticed, there aren't a lot of really neat patterns for boys. Also, Chase is a smidge over five feet tall and he's nine. I decided early on during our search to ignore the children sweaters and focus on adult sweaters. Chase found this pattern and absolutely fell in love with it. It has cables, it has charts, it looks super cool. Chase also chose the Frosted Smoke yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods.


The backbone cable pattern

Agent and Sage checking out the overall progress (or trying to attack the needle points)

I am hoping to finish up the BSJ this weekend and return to working on Chase's sweater. I am pleased with the progress of it so far and am looking forward to the challenge of working cables on the back and the chart pattern on the front.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of the knitting projects I currently have underway is a Baby Surprise Jacket.  This online knit-along is being hosted by two extremely wonderful ladies (Elizabeth and Elizabeth F.) for whom I am thankful for that they are ever so patient and have offered me support as I have struggled with this pattern.

I decided Sunday night that I was going to start the sweater once again (after thirteen failed attempts) and if I just could not get through it, I would accept their offers to assist. I didn't actually start on Sunday. I wanted to finish up a pattern section on Chase's sweater, but after fighting a migraine all day Sunday, I didn't finish the pattern piece and went to bed early.

Monday morning before taking Chase to school, I quickly whipped up the last stitch for the section on his sweater and prepared myself to work on the BSJ once I got home.

The first 10 rows

I stopped once I did the first 10 rows and took a picture. This is where the pattern gets a little tricky and I end up ripping it all out. This time, I figured if I couldn't figure it out at this point, I'd ask for help.

I followed the posts by both Elizabeth's and those knitting along, I watched the video on the increase stitch and I cautiously proceeded further into the pattern. I'm not quite sure what I was doing wrong the other times, but this time, this time it all seemed to work out pretty well. I was off on my stitch count by a smidge, but was able to correct it on the next row.

I am pleased to post my progress today. I am at row 46 now, ready to start increasing after spending yesterday evening and this morning decreasing.

46 rows and counting!

I'm giggly with excitement right now. I'm sure Steve thinks I'm nutty, but I don't care. After all the struggling I did with this pattern over the past few weeks, it is finally doing what I want it to do!

So now I am going to take a break from knitting today and go pick up the lumber for my front porch re-build. My hands need a little rest from all of the knitting ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pets, Pottery, Plants, & Projects

Thursday morning, Steve and I took Jessica-4 to the vet. She and Agent had gotten into my cut tulips Sunday and both had spent the night being sick. Agent recovered within a few hours, however, Jess did not. It got to the point that if she drank water, she'd be sick two minutes later.

Jess is our little herbivore. If a plant comes into the house and she can reach it, she'll take a bite out of it. Last spring when Chase had started all of his seeds indoors, she decided to turn the bean sprouts into her own personal salad bar. So when I caught her on the mantle Sunday night, head deep into the tulips, I knew she'd pay for it later.

Steve holding Jess while waiting to see the vet.

I am happy to report that Jess seems to be doing a lot better. She spent most of Thursday hiding in our spare room but started to come downstairs Friday to socialize. I haven't seen her eat yet (she typically eats when the boys will leave her alone) but I think she is definitely on the mend. Right now she's sitting on the arm rest next to me purring softly.

The vet determined that it was the tulips that had made her ill. She was extremely dehydrated (which I figured since she wasn't getting water or food to stay down) so they pumped her full of saline. She was also given a shot to help stop the vomiting. The vet said that if she continued to be sick even after the shot then there probably was blockage that she was not able to feel.

Twice a year, the local Potter's Guild hosts a member's sale. Chase and I love going to see what all the members have been working (and I like to get ideas for my own pottery). I was overly excited to go this time because I wanted to replace my beloved cracked mug (I decided to use the cracked mug as a planter for my orchid). Sadly, the artist who makes the kitty mug did not have a table this time. I'm going to email her and see if I can still pick up a mug. I did, however, pick up a mug that my studio manager made and also a cat face pin (I love pins).

My new mug and kitty pin.

Another lovely thing about the Guild sale is that they have a table of items the members have donated that children can purchase. Nothing is over $3, so it is a great place for little ones to shop for neat goodies. Of course Chase makes his way over to that table immediately to browse. Sometimes, like yesterday, he has to be gently reminded not to try and purchase everything. Usually the spring sale is held before Mother's Day, but this year they were late (Chase did his Mother's Day shopping at the guild last year). Chase picked up to vases that my studio manager made, a bud vase, a tile with a cat on it, a heart-shaped spoon rest, and a seashell pin. Overall it was an excellent little trip.

Chase's pottery picks.

After our trip to the Guild sale, Chase and I briefly tackled some gardening since the weather was finally cooperating. I didn't stay outside more than hour (the sun rash I had developed two weeks prior started to flare up again), but together Chase and I managed to get a little work done. We still have a lot more to do, but I think Steve's mom is going to come over and help us tidy up our yard a bit more.

Chase happily weeding around my Hostas.

I realized that I just can't have too many knitting projects going at once. Currently I have four projects on needles in various states of completion. The lace scarf I am waiting to finish until I get the rest of the yarn for it. I started Chase's sweater (and am so excited to share my work on Wednesday!), I am fighting the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern tooth and nail (I might get some help with that) and then there is mom's sweater. I promised myself I could work on any knitting project until the first of June, but then I will need to finish the collar on mom's sweater.

My theory is that if I have the needles available, the more projects the merrier! Mom just reminds me that I need to finish all that get started.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

I have three total knitting projects in the works currently including the collar for my Mom's sweater (which I promise to deliver to her in person in exactly a month), the scarf I started last week, and now also the Baby Surprise Jacket - Knit Along hosted by Ms. Foss.

The collar on the sweater shouldn't take too long to finish. I'm putting it off because it could be something I finish while on the way back down to Indianapolis in June for my cousin's wedding reception (she and her husband-to-be are getting married in Key West this weekend!).

I stopped work on the scarf as I closed in on finishing off the first skein of yarn I had for it. Here is a problem I always run in to: I buy orphan yarns from my local yarn shop and stash them away for an unknown project. I fell in love with this yarn because of its softness (bamboo and silk) and the color (orange -- though I think it is more of a reddish orange). I bought the two orphaned skeins and thought nothing more of how I just liked the color. Sadly, my yarn shop is not carrying that yarn anymore and I have an unfinished project! Thankfully the yarn is still being made by the supplier and I can order it online (and plan on doing so this weekend).

It is always amusing to me to hold a photo shoot for an inanimate object (and yet they seem to be the hardest). My two male cats found it quite amusing for me to hang my scarf-in-progress in front of a dining room window where the light was at its best (it's dark and dreary today in the house and outdoors). I think this gives a great view of the pretty stitching involved in this pattern. I'm so looking forward to finishing this scarf and wearing it!

Sadly, I am not nearly as far as long as I had hoped to be by today when it comes to the BSJ. I started working on it Sunday and only have three rows to show for it today. Granted, this is my seventh attempt at it so I am allowing myself a little slack. I knew yesterday as I was working on the sixth attempt that I had made a mistake early on, but I cheerfully decided to ignore it and work it out in the end. That didn't happen. I decided to cut the yarn after twenty rows in and start again (I am striping my sweater so I'll just scrap this piece for later use in  cat toy perhaps).

I'm currently reading last week's free Nook book The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone. I have too many hard copy books in my stack right now to tackle, but I figured I would take advantage of the free books (sidenote: the Nook was a birthday gift from my dad and stepmom -- they felt that a big birthday deserved a big gift and I would have never bought one for myself).

As you can see, Sage (on the left) and Agent (on the right) are quite fascinated with the fact that I opened the curtains to the dining room.

My Mom would like to also participate from her home and would like me to note that she has the sleeves done for her sweater (pictured last week) and is currently reading Nora Robert's newest release. 

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At the Farmer's Market

Sage is checking out my new bag, the raspberry chipotle cheese, and a bar of "dirt" soap (made with brewed coffee and coffee grounds.

From May until October, there is a farmer's market held on our street about a block down from our house. I have been so excited for this season as there are more young vendors with a large variety of goodies.

After Chase was out of school, the three of us wandered down to the market despite the extremely chilly for May temperatures. Chase visited the Amish family first (his favorite stop) and picked up a fresh cinnamon roll (it was huge and looked absolutely delicious). We opted not to pick up any plants this time around (last week Chase brought home dill and a marigold from a local non-profit) because I have no place to store anymore plants indoors! (especially since I have three felines who think that plants are for their snacking)

I did, however, pick up the bag pictured above after falling in love with it last week. It's pretty deep and has pockets on the inside. These bags are made by a little old lady out of recycled materials. I love it. I originally thought of it being another knitting bag, but I think it would be great for when I go out and want a light weight shopping bag.

We also picked up the cheese from a vendor that was a bit rude. Steve says we probably won't purchase anymore from them since she had a bit of an attitude with Chase. Finally we grabbed two more bars of soap (Chase wanted a bar of oatmeal, milk and honey last week -- I gave in to him this week). Last week I picked up a bar of beer soap and have been enjoying it so I could not resist purchasing another bar.

So far this season has been excellent. I look forward to when the weather is warmer and more farm fresh items are featured.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gardening & Grilling

 Fairies have moved in to our big tree.

I meant to post last night, but became distracted with knitting. So here is how my family spent their Friday evening.

This is Fran. Every garden needs a guard Ostrich. The massive ceramic egg is a gift from a friend of mine. We took our first ceramics class together, and when she moved to an apartment, we inherited the garden egg. 

 Three new raised beds! We have gnomes on this side of the garden.

After pulling weeds and hauling soil, Chase relaxes while dinner is grilling by blowing bubbles.

We have had a pretty good week weather wise here in the Mitten state. Gentle storms would move through overnight and leave warmer, pleasant days ahead. I took advantage of a rare week day of Steve being home on Friday and hauled him off to get soil. Earlier this week my Mom and I purchased the lumber for the raised beds and dropped it all off with my father-in-law who graciously offered to make more boxes for Chase. I was tickled that the next day he and my brother-in-law dropped them off! We now have four total 4x4 boxes and one 2x6 (I have yet to decide what to grow in that one).

Chase loves to garden. He first became interested in his own garden when we lived in South Carolina. Unfortunately we had to deal with Carolina clay and massive nests of fire ants where we lived. He was able to grow a couple of tomatoes, but any fruit would be eaten by ants. Once we moved back north, we were determined to continue gardening.

My in-laws have a beautiful, huge yard that my mother-in-law loves to toil in. She has two raised beds now along with her regular garden to play in. Chase loves to go over and help her with her own gardening (not to mention help eat the raspberries).

Last year my father-in-law made Chase one 4X4 box to start gardening in (our yard is a postage stamp in comparison and we are within the city limits). It's amazing what Chase managed to plant in that small plot: two types of corn (popcorn and pink), a green pepper plant, pumpkins, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, and brussels sprouts. The box was overflowing with goodies (and vines!). At the end of the season we decided Chase had to have more beds to grow in. 

Steve and I hauled over 700 pounds of soil home yesterday afternoon and once Chase was home from school we all got to work. I had noticed during the winter while staring out into the back yard that the original box was crooked. It has been driving me nuts all winter and I was desperate to correct it before putting the new boxes down. The issue was that the brussels sprouts, that refused to do anything during the growing season so I left them to die out over winter, survived winter and are flourishing! (you can see them in the one picture). We ended up transferring them into a new box with plenty of room to grow. Steve and I are anxiously awaiting them to mature (Chase, on the other hand, is not). 

Chase started most of his seeds three weeks ago and has them germinating in our guest room. This weekend we're going to start all of the vine seeds and aim to plant everything into the ground in two weeks. This time last year we had our last frost and my mother-in-law had lost most of everything she had planted early. I'm waiting toward Memorial Day before anything goes outside just to be safe. Right now the only concern of everything that was started inside is keeping the cats, specifically Jessica-4, from having her own salad. 

Something else worth mentioning is that I picked up a second aloe vera plant yesterday. I discovered that my first plant smells like onions and instead of a nice clear aloe coming out from it, it's orangey in color. I have never heard of this happening and have found little information online about why it does happen. I needed the aloe the other night because on Mother's Day I sat outside during a cook-out at my in-laws and my left arm was exposed to direct sun. No, I didn't burn, but I developed a horrible rash! Apparently this is somewhat common when you have an allergy to the sun. Also seems to be working the best at calming the itch and healing the rash, but for a while there my arm looked like it was blistered and bubbly. I've stocked up on plenty of sunscreen for the season now.

I'm glad that we got the beds set up yesterday because it has been raining off and on today and is supposed to continue on for the rest of the weekend. At least this will give the soil time to settle and let the brussels sprouts get comfy in their new homes. I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks we can tackle the renovation project of the front porch. I am looking forward to sitting outside on my porch, sipping an iced coffee, and knitting my afternoon away. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

This past week other than the occasional stray magazine (Food Network mostly), I wasn't reading anything new. Mom and I were busy with other projects! I was able to piece Mom's sweater together and started the collar, but I am taking a break on finishing it, and have promised to have it completed by June when I see my Mom again.

The local yarn shop had a pattern one of their employees came up with for a scarf that uses Shepard's Wool yarn. Mom decided to pick up the pattern and the yarn for a scarf for herself and one for me (my color choice is the above scarf -- I'm in a blue mood :) )

I am also working on a scarf. I have had the pattern since before Christmas, but it has been extremely intimidating. Being a left-handed knitter, having to reverse certain stitches is frustrating (Mom is also left-handed). So Mom and I spent a couple of hours at a local coffee house on Monday and we started our scarf projects. I love the leafy pattern of this scarf. Can't wait to keep working on it!

Chase is also preparing to possibly join the Yarn Along. I love the hands on approach to knitting that Elizabeth shared on her blog and also with Ginny and her daughter, not to mention hand dyeing yarn with Easter egg dyes. Mom ordered Chase a skein of yarn and I grabbed half a dozen different egg dyeing kits shortly after Easter. Monday after school we got busy dyeing yarn.

 The yarn taking a quick dip in the water/vinegar mixture

 Chase used the "manly" colors in the dyeing kit -- green, yellow, blue

 Chase wanted to go for a tie-dye look on his yarn and added color with a small medicine syringe.

After the delicate application, Chase added the rest of the color.

Finally after we cooked the yarn in the microwave and I washed it out in the tub, it was hung to dry overnight.

The finished result. Not sure what Chase plans on making with his yarn. The next project will be to make his own knitting needles.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Practicing Patience

The weekend was a test of my patience. I love my friends. I love their children. However, I do not love the fact that their children, especially their youngest, has absolutely no discipline. I spent what little quiet time I had over the weekend thinking back to when Chase was two and wondered if he misbehaved like their little boy did. Chase didn’t, and I don’t feel he was the exception to the rule.

Their little boy has allergies (dogs, peanuts, tree nuts) and for a child that requires an epi pen, he seems to eat whatever is not openly categorized in his “Not to eat” list. I watched him consume two Coke slushies while we played putt-putt on Saturday. I watched him consume bread products left and right. He refused to eat many good, healthy foods, and was constantly fed high sugary goodies. It frustrated me. As this little boy spent most of his weekend shrieking for attention (and his parents would drop anything they were doing and he played that card over and over) I watched his face and his face rashes get worse. I felt bad for him.

I felt bad because the discipline issues are because his parents let him get away with everything. I think they feel that because he is “sickly” that they need to do anything to make him happy. I had to tell them about a little boy I saw at the park when I took their four year old daughter to the park with Chase. This little boy was not even a year old and just had his cleft palette repaired. He was so happy and so beautiful. When we came back to my home and I heard the sing-song story about how they just don’t know what his food triggers could be (all the while he’s gorging himself on sugary snacks) I had to hold my tongue and practice patience. 

As I said, I love my friends and I do not want to lose their friendship. I held my tongue because I feared if I said anything about their parenting methods, or lack thereof, it would  damage our friendship. Steve mentioned Sunday evening that it may be better to hear these things coming from a friend and not a stranger. I considered that, and I had attempted to talk to them about it Sunday morning, but they seem to be completely oblivious to the problems. 

For now, I am thinking of how to approach them cautiously and not be in the line of fire. I don’t want any child to hurt or suffer. I don’t doubt that he is sick and he has some health issues. I think if the behavioral issues could get under control more focus could be put on to figuring out if there is more going on than allergies. 

Sunday night, in the eleventh hour, and perhaps because I was so tired (screaming child meant no sleep for anyone in the house all weekend) I decided to drop my summer classes and allow myself the summer to rest and recuperate. I was only going part time, and it was more to keep myself busy for at least part of the summer, but I realized I have plenty to keep myself busy with. I’m okay with the decision and I think it is best for my family. This past semester tried my patience as I dealt with my downsizing from work, the death of two of my three grandparents within a six week period, and family stress that my  mother is coping with (she was adopted and now her biological siblings are coming into the picture). I need the summer. I need to be able to sleep, to knit or write, to work with Chase in his garden. I want to walk along the coast line and watch Chase as he runs up and down the beach. I want to breathe. I want to Be.  

So going forth I am going to remember to breathe, remember to think before I speak, and remember that life is too short to stress so much.


Friday, May 6, 2011


A week ago, Steve was talking to his mom about my mom's visit and our upcoming birthdays and he made the comment to his mother, "Yes, Em is turning twenty-nine again." I gave him a look and shook my head. I don't want to "turn" twenty-nine again, nor do I want to lie about my age. I am thrilled and excited about turning thirty. My best guy friend (who is arriving tonight with my best girlfriend and their littles) mourned for a month when he turned thirty a couple of years ago. I am sure for some turning thirty is a big deal (remember Ross from Friends?)

I'm thrilled to be thirty, and I am tolerable of the three or four gray hairs that have made themselves known (for the record, they showed up long before I turned thirty). There was a time in my life where I didn't know health-wise if I would make it this far. I am so thankful that I am still here, that I have my family, and that I am loved and I love back.

Sadly, Steve is working out of town a lot as of late and just came home from two days gone and will be going again tomorrow afternoon for at least a night. His birthday is May 8th (and he's turning 31 and still not happy he's getting older). He'll miss out on family putt-putt (my choice of a birthday activity) and birthday tiramisu, but hopefully he will make it back home in time for a cook-out his parents are having on Mother's Day.

Speaking of mother's, today is also my mother's birthday. I share the day with one of the most wonderful women. For this, I know I am blessed.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

On the bottom are the sleeves (which I finished today) for the sweater I am working on for my Mom. Since Mom is visiting this week, she wanted to participate in the Yarn Along. This is the back to a sweater she is actually knitting for herself (Mom knits for everyone first, then herself. She's using Beaverslide Dry Goods yarn in Marsh Sedge, which is absolutely dreamy in color and to work with.

Here is Mom knitting with the assistance of Agent Spottynose. Not only did he discover last night that her braids make excellent toys, but that she has an extremely comfortable lap, sometimes with something snuggly in it. Since she is knitting on circular needles, he found it quite easy for him to get into her knitting.

Tonight I plan on piecing together Mom's sweater and start work on the neck. Chase accidentally let slip last night that I was making her a sweater (because his cat Jessica-4 got into my yarn overnight and wrapped two balls of yarn through the house), so I gave in and filled her in. As soon as the sweater is done, I'll post pictures.

I'm not reading anything currently, and I think Mom is eying my stack of books to read to fill in her spare time while visiting.

Happy knitting!