Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At the Farmer's Market

Sage is checking out my new bag, the raspberry chipotle cheese, and a bar of "dirt" soap (made with brewed coffee and coffee grounds.

From May until October, there is a farmer's market held on our street about a block down from our house. I have been so excited for this season as there are more young vendors with a large variety of goodies.

After Chase was out of school, the three of us wandered down to the market despite the extremely chilly for May temperatures. Chase visited the Amish family first (his favorite stop) and picked up a fresh cinnamon roll (it was huge and looked absolutely delicious). We opted not to pick up any plants this time around (last week Chase brought home dill and a marigold from a local non-profit) because I have no place to store anymore plants indoors! (especially since I have three felines who think that plants are for their snacking)

I did, however, pick up the bag pictured above after falling in love with it last week. It's pretty deep and has pockets on the inside. These bags are made by a little old lady out of recycled materials. I love it. I originally thought of it being another knitting bag, but I think it would be great for when I go out and want a light weight shopping bag.

We also picked up the cheese from a vendor that was a bit rude. Steve says we probably won't purchase anymore from them since she had a bit of an attitude with Chase. Finally we grabbed two more bars of soap (Chase wanted a bar of oatmeal, milk and honey last week -- I gave in to him this week). Last week I picked up a bar of beer soap and have been enjoying it so I could not resist purchasing another bar.

So far this season has been excellent. I look forward to when the weather is warmer and more farm fresh items are featured.


  1. Love the idea of coffee soap! I'll have to try that. I refused to go back to a yarn shop because they where rude to my 6yo, I understand completely. The cheese man at our market is wonderful, but his goat did not breed for this year so he only has a little cheese to sell - in two pound blocks. I love it, but that's a bit much. Once this year maybe.

  2. @Julia

    Two pound blocks of cheese? Wow! I can see buying a block that size if you have a plan for it, but wow.

    The cheese lady that was there was representing a local restaurant/bakery/dairy. I usually wait for the family with the little farm in town, but they aren't there yet this year. Chase and I make cheese (have you and yours done this before?) so when this woman snapped at him, it really offended us all.

    The soap is heavenly. I've had it sitting on my kitchen counter since Tuesday and you can smell it in the living room. I'm looking forward to using it!