Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Surprise Jacket -- Complete

Completed sweater.

Folded, but not stitched together.

Toggles! (the picture is bad as I was fighting the dark from the storm)

Stitched and toggled (Hi Sage!) - Front View

Back view (the boys are bird watching)

I finished the baby sweater early yesterday evening and am very pleased with the results. To finally be able to fold it together and see how the stripes worked together to form a lovely little jacket.

When I was planning to start this sweater, I didn't know what yarn I wanted to use. I went into my roughneck of yarn and found the navy blue and cream that my Mom had bought for something she was going to make for Chase that never materialized (and we both can't remember what exactly the project was). I figured this yarn would work well and the striping would be attractive. Steve said it was very nautical. Many times while knitting I was thinking about being on Tybee Island, GA, or of sand and sea.

Knowing I was close to finishing (and determined to be done this weekend), I went to my local yarn shop Friday to look for buttons. To keep with the nautical feel of the sweater, I thought little boats would be nice as buttons. As I drove to the yarn store I thought more of toggles. I love toggles, but have never put them on anything before. My heart was pulled more toward toggles. They didn't have any plain wooden toggles at the yarn store (or buttons, sadly), but I did find the toggles above. They're actually navy blue (though the picture is too dark to tell) and I think they fit perfectly.

Someday I will have a baby to put in the sweater. Someday...

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