Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Avoiding the rose bush by weeding from the porch.  

Many worms found while gardening.

Seven bags of yard waste from the front yard.

The results of all that weeding and removing of Vinca.

What's left of the Vinca. If the bags weren't full, the rest of the lighter color would have been removed.
Porch work.

Chase, Karen, and I worked in the front yard for four hours on Saturday. Karen enjoys yard work and uses it as her form of therapy. I could see that as I was yanking Vinca out from around the porch. Chase thoroughly enjoyed himself by digging and hunting worms. Many worms were transplanted to his garden boxes, but most of them stayed somewhere in the front yard.

I have no problem with the Vinca for the time being. It's a wonderful ground cover and until we know what exactly we want to put in the front beds, I'd rather leave it alone. Right now, however, with the porch project starting soon, we cleared out most of the Vinca from around the porch. I know it will happily be growing back shortly, and that is fine.

The porch project is going to be interesting. Every time George (Steve's dad) pulls up more boards, we find something interesting in how the construction was done. The support beams don't run from roof to ground, but rest on the porch floor and not on the cement supports. Instead of removing the lattice front, someone just tacked the vinyl portions to it. This caused premature rot along the edge of the porch which in turn led to sagging.

After purchasing 36 2x6x10 boards, we need to return them. The foundation for the porch is quite solid so we can actually just use 5/4 boards instead (Steve and I wanted to make sure the floor was sturdy). Now that we know the support issue was coming from a cobbled together outer frame, all should be good. I am not, however, looking forward to loading all of those boards back up, exchanging them, and picking up extras. Since we'll get rid of the vinyl skirting and opt to go back to lattice work, I am thinking it needs to be a nice, bright color. I'm leading towards red.

It rained last night. Today was nice early on, but around supper time we were under a tornado warning. Thankfully the system broke apart and went around us. Surprisingly we didn't get much rain out of it for which I am thankful for. We are still trying to dry out.

I have more pictures to share tomorrow of yarny things. The lighting was so bad indoors tonight when I finished due to the impending storm so I gave up taking pictures.

Until tomorrow.

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