Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pets, Pottery, Plants, & Projects

Thursday morning, Steve and I took Jessica-4 to the vet. She and Agent had gotten into my cut tulips Sunday and both had spent the night being sick. Agent recovered within a few hours, however, Jess did not. It got to the point that if she drank water, she'd be sick two minutes later.

Jess is our little herbivore. If a plant comes into the house and she can reach it, she'll take a bite out of it. Last spring when Chase had started all of his seeds indoors, she decided to turn the bean sprouts into her own personal salad bar. So when I caught her on the mantle Sunday night, head deep into the tulips, I knew she'd pay for it later.

Steve holding Jess while waiting to see the vet.

I am happy to report that Jess seems to be doing a lot better. She spent most of Thursday hiding in our spare room but started to come downstairs Friday to socialize. I haven't seen her eat yet (she typically eats when the boys will leave her alone) but I think she is definitely on the mend. Right now she's sitting on the arm rest next to me purring softly.

The vet determined that it was the tulips that had made her ill. She was extremely dehydrated (which I figured since she wasn't getting water or food to stay down) so they pumped her full of saline. She was also given a shot to help stop the vomiting. The vet said that if she continued to be sick even after the shot then there probably was blockage that she was not able to feel.

Twice a year, the local Potter's Guild hosts a member's sale. Chase and I love going to see what all the members have been working (and I like to get ideas for my own pottery). I was overly excited to go this time because I wanted to replace my beloved cracked mug (I decided to use the cracked mug as a planter for my orchid). Sadly, the artist who makes the kitty mug did not have a table this time. I'm going to email her and see if I can still pick up a mug. I did, however, pick up a mug that my studio manager made and also a cat face pin (I love pins).

My new mug and kitty pin.

Another lovely thing about the Guild sale is that they have a table of items the members have donated that children can purchase. Nothing is over $3, so it is a great place for little ones to shop for neat goodies. Of course Chase makes his way over to that table immediately to browse. Sometimes, like yesterday, he has to be gently reminded not to try and purchase everything. Usually the spring sale is held before Mother's Day, but this year they were late (Chase did his Mother's Day shopping at the guild last year). Chase picked up to vases that my studio manager made, a bud vase, a tile with a cat on it, a heart-shaped spoon rest, and a seashell pin. Overall it was an excellent little trip.

Chase's pottery picks.

After our trip to the Guild sale, Chase and I briefly tackled some gardening since the weather was finally cooperating. I didn't stay outside more than hour (the sun rash I had developed two weeks prior started to flare up again), but together Chase and I managed to get a little work done. We still have a lot more to do, but I think Steve's mom is going to come over and help us tidy up our yard a bit more.

Chase happily weeding around my Hostas.

I realized that I just can't have too many knitting projects going at once. Currently I have four projects on needles in various states of completion. The lace scarf I am waiting to finish until I get the rest of the yarn for it. I started Chase's sweater (and am so excited to share my work on Wednesday!), I am fighting the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern tooth and nail (I might get some help with that) and then there is mom's sweater. I promised myself I could work on any knitting project until the first of June, but then I will need to finish the collar on mom's sweater.

My theory is that if I have the needles available, the more projects the merrier! Mom just reminds me that I need to finish all that get started.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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