Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of the knitting projects I currently have underway is a Baby Surprise Jacket.  This online knit-along is being hosted by two extremely wonderful ladies (Elizabeth and Elizabeth F.) for whom I am thankful for that they are ever so patient and have offered me support as I have struggled with this pattern.

I decided Sunday night that I was going to start the sweater once again (after thirteen failed attempts) and if I just could not get through it, I would accept their offers to assist. I didn't actually start on Sunday. I wanted to finish up a pattern section on Chase's sweater, but after fighting a migraine all day Sunday, I didn't finish the pattern piece and went to bed early.

Monday morning before taking Chase to school, I quickly whipped up the last stitch for the section on his sweater and prepared myself to work on the BSJ once I got home.

The first 10 rows

I stopped once I did the first 10 rows and took a picture. This is where the pattern gets a little tricky and I end up ripping it all out. This time, I figured if I couldn't figure it out at this point, I'd ask for help.

I followed the posts by both Elizabeth's and those knitting along, I watched the video on the increase stitch and I cautiously proceeded further into the pattern. I'm not quite sure what I was doing wrong the other times, but this time, this time it all seemed to work out pretty well. I was off on my stitch count by a smidge, but was able to correct it on the next row.

I am pleased to post my progress today. I am at row 46 now, ready to start increasing after spending yesterday evening and this morning decreasing.

46 rows and counting!

I'm giggly with excitement right now. I'm sure Steve thinks I'm nutty, but I don't care. After all the struggling I did with this pattern over the past few weeks, it is finally doing what I want it to do!

So now I am going to take a break from knitting today and go pick up the lumber for my front porch re-build. My hands need a little rest from all of the knitting ;)


  1. Congratulations on your success, progress, and perseverance! I am just starting this weekend and you ladies have really inspired me.

    Alicia in New Zealand

  2. @Alicia

    Thank you. Good luck with your knitting!