Friday, May 27, 2011


Droplets on Hosta leaves

It has stopped raining, again. There are so many stories on the news of flooding in our general area that I am thankful that other than a little bit of water in our basement (which tends to happen whenever it rains), we have had no real damage.

Instead of rain today, it is cold. Yesterday it was both. Chase and his class went to the Toledo Zoo for their field trip. The weather held for most of the day, but the rain came roaring in early in the afternoon. Chase returned from the field trip soggy and with a cold.

The Hostas along the driveway have been enjoying this extremely wet spring we're having. Sadly, many of Chase's seedlings haven't made it into the garden beds to enjoy the rain just yet. Those that were started later (things on a vine) are slow to grow because there is no sun coming in the room where his plants are.

It seems like we're going to flip-flop for the weekend, however. It's supposed to be sunny (with only spotty chances of storms) and temperatures are going to be in the upper eighties. Tomorrow morning Karen is going to come over and work in the yard with me and Chase. I'm looking forward to getting outside and digging in the dirt.

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