Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

This past week other than the occasional stray magazine (Food Network mostly), I wasn't reading anything new. Mom and I were busy with other projects! I was able to piece Mom's sweater together and started the collar, but I am taking a break on finishing it, and have promised to have it completed by June when I see my Mom again.

The local yarn shop had a pattern one of their employees came up with for a scarf that uses Shepard's Wool yarn. Mom decided to pick up the pattern and the yarn for a scarf for herself and one for me (my color choice is the above scarf -- I'm in a blue mood :) )

I am also working on a scarf. I have had the pattern since before Christmas, but it has been extremely intimidating. Being a left-handed knitter, having to reverse certain stitches is frustrating (Mom is also left-handed). So Mom and I spent a couple of hours at a local coffee house on Monday and we started our scarf projects. I love the leafy pattern of this scarf. Can't wait to keep working on it!

Chase is also preparing to possibly join the Yarn Along. I love the hands on approach to knitting that Elizabeth shared on her blog and also with Ginny and her daughter, not to mention hand dyeing yarn with Easter egg dyes. Mom ordered Chase a skein of yarn and I grabbed half a dozen different egg dyeing kits shortly after Easter. Monday after school we got busy dyeing yarn.

 The yarn taking a quick dip in the water/vinegar mixture

 Chase used the "manly" colors in the dyeing kit -- green, yellow, blue

 Chase wanted to go for a tie-dye look on his yarn and added color with a small medicine syringe.

After the delicate application, Chase added the rest of the color.

Finally after we cooked the yarn in the microwave and I washed it out in the tub, it was hung to dry overnight.

The finished result. Not sure what Chase plans on making with his yarn. The next project will be to make his own knitting needles.

Happy knitting!


  1. Love the scarves and the dye-job! We did some with a girls' fiber club where we used kool-aid powder in a crockpot ... came out lovely!

  2. I've been wanting to try that dying technique myself - so glad to see how successfully yours turned out!

  3. The yarn looks great!! I have to try that!

  4. Your knitting is really nice, I like the stitch definition! Your hand dyed yarn is so creative, I have yet to venture into that craft.

  5. I love the way Chase's yarn turned out!

  6. @Mary G Is it hard to dye yarn with kool-aid? I wonder if we can get better colors!

  7. @DoleValleyGirl

    It was so fun! Chase really enjoyed himself.

  8. @Erin

    You definitely should! It was so much fun.

  9. @Swanski Thank you -- My mom's knitting is so much better. She just loves cables. I have a pattern for a sweater for Chase that I have been practicing the cables on so hopefully it will turn out well.

    You should definitely hand dye your yarn. I love the fact that it's personal!

  10. @accountantgrrl

    Thank you! He is quite pleased with how it turned out.