Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

I have three total knitting projects in the works currently including the collar for my Mom's sweater (which I promise to deliver to her in person in exactly a month), the scarf I started last week, and now also the Baby Surprise Jacket - Knit Along hosted by Ms. Foss.

The collar on the sweater shouldn't take too long to finish. I'm putting it off because it could be something I finish while on the way back down to Indianapolis in June for my cousin's wedding reception (she and her husband-to-be are getting married in Key West this weekend!).

I stopped work on the scarf as I closed in on finishing off the first skein of yarn I had for it. Here is a problem I always run in to: I buy orphan yarns from my local yarn shop and stash them away for an unknown project. I fell in love with this yarn because of its softness (bamboo and silk) and the color (orange -- though I think it is more of a reddish orange). I bought the two orphaned skeins and thought nothing more of how I just liked the color. Sadly, my yarn shop is not carrying that yarn anymore and I have an unfinished project! Thankfully the yarn is still being made by the supplier and I can order it online (and plan on doing so this weekend).

It is always amusing to me to hold a photo shoot for an inanimate object (and yet they seem to be the hardest). My two male cats found it quite amusing for me to hang my scarf-in-progress in front of a dining room window where the light was at its best (it's dark and dreary today in the house and outdoors). I think this gives a great view of the pretty stitching involved in this pattern. I'm so looking forward to finishing this scarf and wearing it!

Sadly, I am not nearly as far as long as I had hoped to be by today when it comes to the BSJ. I started working on it Sunday and only have three rows to show for it today. Granted, this is my seventh attempt at it so I am allowing myself a little slack. I knew yesterday as I was working on the sixth attempt that I had made a mistake early on, but I cheerfully decided to ignore it and work it out in the end. That didn't happen. I decided to cut the yarn after twenty rows in and start again (I am striping my sweater so I'll just scrap this piece for later use in  cat toy perhaps).

I'm currently reading last week's free Nook book The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone. I have too many hard copy books in my stack right now to tackle, but I figured I would take advantage of the free books (sidenote: the Nook was a birthday gift from my dad and stepmom -- they felt that a big birthday deserved a big gift and I would have never bought one for myself).

As you can see, Sage (on the left) and Agent (on the right) are quite fascinated with the fact that I opened the curtains to the dining room.

My Mom would like to also participate from her home and would like me to note that she has the sleeves done for her sweater (pictured last week) and is currently reading Nora Robert's newest release. 

Happy Knitting!


  1. Love the scarf ... the problem with being a designer is that sometimes I run out right in the middle of a project! So glad you'll be able to find more yarn!


  2. I am so glad that you are able to finish the shawl, it's lovely!

  3. I always grab yarn I love then just have it forever because I don't have enough! The scarf is beautiful.

  4. @Mary G

    Oh that would drive me nuts! If I couldn't find the yarn I'd probably cry. I really love this color and the feel of it.

  5. @Swanski

    Thank you! I think I'll probably make a few of these for gifts this year. It works up quite easily.

  6. @Julia

    That's definitely a problem of mine! I organized all of my yarn when my mom was here, putting yarn for specific projects in bags with a label and a pattern. But I have two freezer bags of yarn that don't have a purpose. I just like the look and feel and bought a couple of little skeins of it. Socks. I'll probably end up making socks this summer!