Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sun coming in living room window.

As I sat knitting earlier this morning, I saw the sun creep in one of our living room windows and splash beautifully on the floor. I was first a bit surprised that none of my fuzzy children were taking a bath in the beams. Turns out the there was even more sun in the dining room and all three had accepted peace offerings from each and were taking a communal sun bath together.

I've missed the sun. Not the heat we have had over the past two days, but just the sun. When I took Chase to his bus stop this morning, it was cool and comfortable. A light breeze danced in the leaves on the trees and the sun warmed us. He took in a quick basketball game with his friends before boarding the bus once again. School ends next week. This will be a morning routine I will happily put aside for three months.

With the sun returning (and bringing spring temps with it), I want to be outside and being productive. Yesterday Steve, George and I returned the lumber purchased last week for other lumber. Thinner boards, a couple of support boards, and brackets. It was already past 80 degrees at 9am and was sticky. I'm glad we have everything (save for the lattice pieces) for the porch. When George's friend is available this week, they're going to jack up the roof of the porch and fix the end support beams. Then it will be smooth sailing of replacing the boards.

I hope we have many days as beautiful as today. This would be perfect porch weather. Chase and I look forward to sitting on the glider, reading or knitting, me sipping coffee as the morning wakens. It's such a pleasant hope.

Chase moved all of his seedlings from the guest room downstairs and out to the picnic table. Many of the seeds aren't even growing yet, but I blame the past two weeks of wet, overcast weather for that. If they had been started outside, they would have been flooded out. Starting inside just meant we relied heavily on some sun coming in and unfortunately, we didn't get it. I'm hoping if they're left outside and babied there on the table this week, that maybe, just maybe, we can start sowing them by Sunday (though I am in no rush to get them all in the ground just yet). My zinnia seeds arrived from Baker Creek yesterday. I should go out and plant them in the front bed today, but Chase had me promise I wouldn't. He wants the honor of sowing them in himself. I can't deny him of this simple pleasure.

So for now, since the weather is cooperating and our outside activities just need a little time, I am occupying myself with indoor tasks. I've taken care of household duties and am now baking the meatballs for dinner tonight. I'm thinking this afternoon I might make Chase blueberry scones. He hasn't had any since my Mom was here and I know he misses them at breakfast.

George just called -- looks like porch construction will officially start tomorrow morning at 8:30. I can hardly wait.

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