Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Curious things

There are things I expect to see in our raised beds. Plants, for one, are expected. The occasional dropped leaf from the massive maple tree, also are expected. Bugs, yes, they are expected, too.

But a grayish kitten of about eight weeks old, sleeping soundly, nestled by pumpkin vines is not something I expected to see in the garden early this morning. Neither did Koda, for that matter.

Chase slept in this morning, so I took Koda out for her morning constitutional. Everyone enjoys this time of day when it's still quiet on our street and everything is dewy and fresh. I was looking forward to checking on the progress in the raised beds (I've seen the carrot sprouts and corn from the dining room window) and determine if we could squish anything else into those boxes.

We surprised this kitten from their slumber as we approached; Koda was already whining so I suspect she knew something was in the garden and could possibly still be there. When the kitten startled itself awake it looked at us both and darted off behind the garage. Koda wanted to give chase, but I quickly reminded her of why she was outside and that kittens are not play toys.

I shouldn't be surprised that there is a new young visitor to our yard. Last year we spent a good portion watching a mother cat with her two babes (Sonar and Radar -- they still have not grown into their large ears a year later!) move from across the street to our yard and back and forth. It worries me. We lost our indoor/outdoor cat last summer when she was hit on our street. And our street, though not the main strip through town, is relatively busy (and nobody slows down apparently for person or animal). I did see the momma a couple of months ago looking rather large but have not seen her since. Just last week when Chase and I were getting ready to go someplace, one of the babes from last year was nestled on the stack of porch wood.

I suppose it's time to start putting a small dish of food out in hopes they stay close by and not take their chances crossing the street. We have a large amount of cat food that our indoor fuzzies can't eat (Sage has to be on special food, so they're all on special food) and I don't want it to go to waste. Our local Humane Society doesn't do trapping themselves, but do have the numbers of those in the area that do. We had them out last year to catch Mamma and babes but they had no success.

Tomorrow I will take the camera out with me early before Koda goes out and see if the kitten is back. I'd like to befriend the little guy and maybe get them to the Humane Society if possible.


  1. How sweet you are caring for the little kitten! Our spca is very reluctant to take in animals. They prefer you run a free ad first in the paper.

  2. @Swanski

    Oh I have no problem taking care of a stray. I am just afraid he'll get hurt on the road. Haven't seen him yet this morning, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for him. If he can be caught, the Humane Society will do a "trap and release" so he'll get fixed and returned. I think this is best with strays because, from personal experience, a stray does not adjust well to indoor life.

  3. What a lovely thing to find in your garden! I would love to have a kitten,but right now I have enough to take care of in my day. I hope you find him.

  4. Too cute! I'm a sucker for kittens and probably would have tried to take him inside, much to my husband's chagrin. :)

  5. @cpcable I'm the same way. I mentioned to my hubby that there is a little girl kitty at the Humane Society that looks quite similar to our Agent and he already said Agent doesn't need a girlfriend. Ah well! :)