Monday, June 20, 2011

Home again, home again

This weekend, we all piled into the truck and headed down to Indianapolis for my cousin's wedding reception (she and her husband married the month before in Key West and were now having a celebration for all).

This is one of the first family vacations Steve has been able to take in a long while (last year's plans were cancelled after he had major knee surgery and was recovering for six months). Steve finally got to meet more of my family! The last family gathering was my grandmother's 90th birthday three years ago. Steve had just moved up to Michigan with his job transfer while Chase and I stayed back in South Carolina to pack up.

Anyway, we drove down early Saturday afternoon and checked into our hotel before the reception. It was a great drive with the weather cooperating. As soon as we hit the reception site at 6, the skies opened up. It poured (thankfully the reception was indoors), and when it stopped pouring, it drizzled. This continued until about 90 minutes into our trip home last night.

My cousin was absolutely beautiful. She has grown from an awkward little girl into a beautiful young woman. Her husband was nice; he better take good care of her! ;) It was nice to see my uncle again (whom Chase adores) and my aunt and her husband, all the way in from Texas (all of these the parents of the bride). My brother and his girlfriend made a brief appearance (I promise not to talk negatively about them, so I will leave it with the fact they did show up), Mom came(!), and my Dad and stepmom made the trip from Delaware.

I was so glad to see my dad and stepmom even though we will see them again two weeks. Dad has been having health issues unrelated to the kidney issues (more on that sometime in the future) that include a hurt back and a massive infection. The day before they left for Indianapolis he found out he was going to need to have a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) to see if there is infection in his heart valves. I was afraid this was going to cancel their plans on coming this way (how his back was acting was also a major contributing factor).

It was an excellent time. There was good food, wonderful company, and lots of dancing. Chase had his first let down in the rocky world of "courtship" when he asked a little girl to dance, not once, but twice, and she turned him down. The second time was worse, I think, and he was on the verge of tears. Thankfully, while he was grooving to the music on his own, a wonderful lady asked him to dance with her and he happily obliged. He also danced with all three of his present grandparents, the bride, and of course his momma.

Mom stayed with us in our hotel that night. She, Chase, and I stayed up past midnight chattering away and continued early Sunday morning. Once it was time to check out, we ran around town for a couple of errands before taking her back to my brother's house. We were able to meet up with my dad and stepmom to bid our goodbyes before we heading back home.

I was fighting a sinus headache and migraine most of Sunday and was so happy to get home to my own bed last night. I put myself to bed early to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Sadly, I don't have any available pictures from the reception just yet (my aunt is going to post some later, however). I was there to enjoy myself and not document everything for once. :)

Now it is getting back into a somewhat normal routine. Laundry is in. White chocolate raspberry scones are in. Biscuits are made. I'm working on wristers right now and trying to balance Sage on my lap (he apparently missed me us terribly).

As for Father's Day, Chase and I made beef jerky for Steve last Friday and presented it to him as a road snack for this little trip. Steve happily has been munching and sharing with everyone (I think he finished the last piece before bed last night). He is a hard person to shop for, and I knew that the jerky would be a perfect gift.

We decided that we would give my dad his goodies when we see them in two weeks (Chase wants to see his face when he opens them).

Happy belated Father's Day!

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  1. Weddings are always fun! Glad you had a great weekend :)