Thursday, June 23, 2011

Into the garden

Last night we finally got the much anticipated rain we had been waiting on. Chase has been diligently watering the garden every day, but was happy to have this morning off (so he could better track the comings and goings of ants that have taken up near the watermelon plants).

There was no sign of the visiting kitten this morning, but Steve was out to work at 4 and he said that Koda searched but did not find him. Maybe another day.

Chase and I ran to our grocery store early this morning for our shopping trip. He's spending time with our elderly neighbor today so he wanted his home chores out of the way in time. I think he enjoyed this trip more than usual because I gave him a calculator to tally our purchases as we shopped.

But back to the garden! When we got home from shopping, I wanted to wander between the beds and see how things were going. There are six more plants that were started indoors that will need to be transplanted this weekend (something on a vine -- gosh I am so bad about this!). Everything else didn't survive our super wet and cold spring. Oh well, next year, yes?

Corn (back two rows), pumpkins, cantaloupe (and possibly 2 eggplants)

The little green sprouts are carrots. A flower is on the black tomato plant, and the basil is looking fantastic!
My pictures are a bit blurry today because I used my cell phone and for whatever reason, I just could not hold the phone still enough. I weeded a few things in the beds this morning (mostly Maple leaves) but I think more work will be done this weekend.


  1. You cold and wet, me hot and dry...this weather is driving me nuts. Such is the life of farming. Enjoy your day.

  2. It's driving me nuts, too! Tomorrow they're predicting it not to hit 70. Extremely frustrating when they say rain so I plan for rain and it is sunny and hot instead (or vice versa).

    Hope you have had a lovely day!

  3. Your garden is looking great! We only just planted a while ago so we are patiently waiting for some home-grown produce.

  4. @Swanski Thank you! I'm surprised at how well everything is doing, but I think it will be a late season for us. This weather has been flip-flopping so much and we got everything in a month later than I had planned. Crossing my fingers for success all around!