Friday, June 24, 2011

Into the kitchen

It’s a beautiful Friday. I’m sipping my coffee, contemplating the morning, and watching Sage (full from breakfast) try to squeeze himself into a shoebox. It’s still quiet on our street, Koda is deep asleep on Steve’s chair, and Chase is still upstairs.  It’s going to be cloudy and cool here today, but I am just fine with that. Everything is still wet from last night’s rain.

 It would be a good day to stay indoors and bake. 

I’ve had this incredible urge lately to be in the kitchen cooking and baking. There is a stack of new recipes on top of a pile of tried and true recipes that are just begging to be used. I’m not quite sure where the urge has come from, but I am happy it is here. 

In a week, we’ll be heading on vacation to the coast of North Carolina. I have been making a list of road snacks that Chase and I can make ahead of time and take with us. Chase loves to be my assistant in the kitchen. I think he has a magical touch when it comes to cooking. New recipes, especially, turn out better if he is with me (Every time we make cheese, if he is helping, it turns out fine. If he’s not home, it doesn’t turn out well).

Along with the road snacks we’ll be making (and Chase’s weekly batch of scones), I have a recipe for lemon raspberry breakfast bread I want to try. And because I need a challenge, I’d like to make bagels. The bagels I buy at our local co-op/bakery sadly aren’t made on site and come from a chain bagel store. I’d rather bake our own and be able to control what goes into them. 

As Chase and I cook our way through the next week, I’ll start posting pictures of our creations. For now I hear Chase starting to stir upstairs, so I think I will go.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Good luck with your bagel challenge! I've made them a couple of times. They are to die for when they're hot out of the oven. Happy baking this weekend!

  2. @cpcable Thank you! I am looking forward to attempting them :)

  3. Emily, if you like it, would you post the recipe of your lemon raspberry bread? Just going by the name, it is something my husband would love.

  4. @Tracey

    Most definitely! I'm going to try and make it tomorrow so I will let you know how it turns out and post the recipe.