Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knitting In Public

Today is Knit In Public Day. Mom finds it amusing that there is a day dedicated to knitters to get out in public and knit. Of course, Mom knits whenever she gets the chance (as I am sure most knitters do), but she said back in the day, most people didn't knit in public. I wonder why. Too taboo?

I know where she is coming from because this past semester I worked on her sweater and wristers between my Thursday classes. I would sit and knit away, and I often had people ask me what I was doing or just stare. I guess they weren't used to public knitting. There actually was an article in the school newspaper about Stitch and Bitch groups. Dale and I discussed possibly joining one of the local groups but realized we were better off knitting together (these women were boasting their use of $100+ a skein yarn -- I could never afford that!).

After Chase and I finished our Saturday errands, I took him to our local coffee house to knit. I offered to teach him to knit with his skein of hand-dyed yarn, but he turned down my offer. He would prefer if my mom teaches him to knit. I'm still unsure about teaching him to knit as I am a lefty and he is a righty (my mom is also left-handed), but I am sure my mom will do a fantastic job.

So while I knitted on Chase's sweater (after not knitting for two days), Chase read. He's currently reading Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconcetions Throughout the Ages (Chase is not happy they use the word Stupid in the title, but he is enjoying the stories). It was the free book on Friday for the Nook and I am pleased he has new reading material to catch his attention.

He was deep into reading mode...

So much so that he continued to read while eating lunch.

Progress on the front of Chase's sweater.

A little more progress on the back.

I really only stopped knitting because I need to measure and start preparing to move stitches again and I didn't have my measuring tape with me. We also wanted to get home and start working on making jam.

Who else enjoys knitting in public? Do you have a specific place you enjoy to go and knit? Do you often carry knitting projects with you just in case?


  1. happy knitting in public day for yesterday!

  2. @karen

    Thanks -- I certainly had fun. :)