Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Days..

Chase and I made bagels today (along with another batch of white chocolate chip raspberry scones).

bagel bumps

bagels ready for a bath

it's hard to get a picture of bagels that are busy in their bath ;-)

I think we were quite successful in our first attempt at making bagels. We used this recipe from the King Arthur Flour bread book. The bagel that looks more like a rather large onion ring was my attempt at using my smallest biscuit cutter and then too much finger spinning. It was still tasty ;-) I think that when Chase is on vacation, I'll make another attempt and possibly add sun-dried tomatoes and basil from the garden to them. Yum.

It's not even the middle of summer, but the lazy, peaceful days are settling in. Granted, I have been spending time tidying the house and organizing our packing for our vacation, but I have been finding plenty of time to sit, sip tea, and just relax.

Today we wandered our farmer's market. I picked up a jar of pure maple syrup (the heights of deliciousness Chase has not had before, he says), bread, homemade crackers, and two more tomato plants for the garden (As Chase said "You can just never have too many tomatoes".)

These days are excellent days for breakfast as dinner. French toast was the easy choice.


French toast with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

And yes, these days are also good for napping.

Agent cat-napping (there was a smudge on the lens when I took this picture - argh).
Happy summer, everyone.


  1. I bake a Lot, but have never made bagels before. Yours look great.
    Naps are an essential part of my day, just twenty minutes, but it makes all the difference in my day.
    Oh, and breakfast for dinner is the best!

  2. Maple syrup and french toast is my favourite breakfast. My son says the same thing about tomatoes too - and i didn't notice the smudge - my laptop screen is just covered in marks. xx

  3. @Tracey The bagels were extremely easy. If you make bread, you can make (and enjoy) bagel making. Chase really liked the spinning and poaching parts.

    Twenty minutes is about all I need, too, nap wise! I get up super early, have breakfast and the such, then get the urge to grab a quick nap and I am off again for the day.

    I have decided that once a week this summer we're going to do breakfast for dinner. Nothing fancy and everyone gets to help. :)

  4. @The Barefoot Crofter

    It's my favorite breakfast, too! I'm so looking forward to the tomatoes. There's nothing better on a summer day than a tomato right off the vine.

  5. Glad the bagel-making went well! French toast and maple syrup is my default choice when it's Steve's turn to make Saturday breakfast. Yum!

  6. We frequently have breakfast for dinner, easy-peasy! Your bagels look delicious!

  7. @cpcable Thanks! Chase and I really enjoyed making them. I'm looking forward to making more.

  8. @Swanski I'm all about easy meals these days. :)