Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Perfect

I had written yesterday, but after thinking on my post, I decided to delete it. I had a jumble of things I wanted to mention, and they kind of all fell out in one tangled mess. While I was trying to sleep last night my mind would not shut off as I re-worked what I wanted to say out. So here we go again..

I am not perfect.

This is not a new revelation to me, nor did I ever claim to be. I try to live my life to the best of my ability at that time. Sometimes, I do things I am not proud of and regret them. For example: throwing my tantrum Saturday. I could blame it on the fact I had been fighting a severe migraine all day. I could blame it on the heat. I could blame it on the fact that Chase was acting like a pre-teen and I was not in the mood for it. The bottom line is, I am the one to blame for letting those contributing factors get the better of me.

I think everyone needs a chance to vent when something goes wrong. I am a big fan of letting it out when needed to prevent bubbling over. For whatever reason, I didn't follow my own advice and let everything boil up (and again, what was bothering me and what I yelled about are trivial at this point). My meltdown is not a regular occurrence. Sometimes, it just happens.

I have apologized to Steve for my tantrum (he's not perfect, either). I have also apologized to Chase (he, too, is not perfect). And they have forgiven me. Thankfully my family is understandable just as I am when they're upset (even with trivial things).

I am loved.

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