Thursday, June 9, 2011

Picking Strawberries

Chase gets to picking.

They look so delicious!

Chase becomes territorial and seeks out the perfect row.


So far so good.

A portion of the field with early morning pickers.

Final pickings (please pardon the "junk in my trunk")

Today was the first official picking day at Rowes Produce Farm, Chase and I thought that spending our morning before school picking strawberries would be an excellent use of time. I was watching the weather, however (like previously mentioned), because there is a storm supposedly moving through. At 6:30 we decided we weren't going to go. Then ten minutes later we decided we would go. So we rushed and dressed and just as we were stepping out the door it started to sprinkle. We went ahead and drove out to the strawberry fields (which just so happen to be a quarter mile from the bus stop). By the time we got there, the sprinkles had stopped.

We were the ninth car there and by the time we left there were twenty cars total of pickers. There were some serious pickers that eyed Chase as he went through the two rows he claimed for his pickings. All in all we ended up with eleven pounds of strawberries (and a pound of rhubarb for my Mom). The nice kid at the scales said picking will be even better next week. They have more fields that are ready to burst.

Next time we'll either take Steve with us if he's not working, or go with my friend Dale. Dale has a great jam recipe she's willing to share with me so we'd like to get more.

Now that we're done picking strawberries and Chase is safely at school, the rain can come any time now. :)

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