Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Over the weekend I sat down with a list of everything we were planning on growing in the garden this year. Then I took this list and made note cards for each item. With our copy of Carrots Love Tomatoes in hand, I then wrote down the +/- of each item so I could best plan out the garden. Then, and only then, I mapped out our raised beds and what was going to go where.

All the note cards and the garden map.

Example note card.

I might be a bit obsessive when it comes to planning these things out (okay, I managed to only re-do the garden plot map twice this time).

It's nice to know that everything has a spot planned for it. Now these seeds just need to grow. Over the weekend Chase and I went to a local grower and picked up a few supplemental plants for the garden. Unfortunately, after looking over the seedlings this morning, I think we may need to pick up a few more. I am trying to be extremely patient with these seeds. I know they don't grow into beautiful plants overnight. I'm just worried that all of the work Chase put into starting seeds is not going to pan out these year. It has been a funny growing season for everyone. A friend of mine who manages a garden shop said that it has been rough all around due to the weather. Last year our seeds started indoors where it was warm and protected from the cold, but we still had the sun. This year has been rain, rain, and more rain. The seeds were all set outside at the first sign of things drying up last week, but nothing new has popped just yet.

We're going to leave room in the beds for these seeds in case they're just really late bloomers. Hopefully we'll have a nice, long growing season with late season goodies.

Did I mention that Chase also purchased a fig tree? He did. If I would have let him, he would have picked up a plum tree, too (not sure where it would have gone, but I give him credit for trying).

Chase's fig tree.

Chase has been a long time believer (since he was four) that if he could grow something he liked, why buy it? He likes tomato basil crackers, so he grows tomatoes and basil. He likes spicy salsa, so of course, he grows the fixings for salsa (and jars his own salsa). He wants to make Fig Newtons (a friend of my mother's gave us the recipe) so of course, he has a fig tree now. Chase would be perfectly content in turning our postage stamp urban gardening into a postage stamp sized farm. I can only imagine what he would do if he had just one acre of land free to do what he pleased with.

In other news: While heading into the township this morning to take Chase to the bus, we saw a family of geese waiting patiently to cross the busy stretch of road to make it to the retention pond at a nearby subdivision. We were unable to resist stopping and watching (and making sure traffic slowed so they family could cross). I snapped these pictures with my cell phone, so I apologize for the fact that they aren't closer.

Mom and Dad checking out the road (the babies are in the ditch).

All is clear, time to cross!

Safely across and heading toward the pond.

After I dropped Chase off at the bus, I slowed as I went past the pond to make sure everyone arrived safely. They were all enjoying a lovely morning dip. :)

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