Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Porch in Progress

The neatest jack I have ever seen!

After removing the support posts, a lot of rotted wood is revealed.

The rotted wood was removed and replaced.

A portion of the front porch.

At the end of the day, progress was made.

The old deck busy sunning itself on the front yard.

This morning by the time I came back from taking Chase to school, George and his friend Thomas were already at our house and had removed the vinyl skirting from the porch and were starting to replace the end support beams for the porch floor.

The end was easily replaced and the rest of the support beams were secured to it (something that had not been done previously). The porch no longer bounced!

The support posts for the porch actually rest on the porch instead of being one long support post from roof to ground (or roof to cement support). The roof of the porch had to be raised so the boards beneath it could be removed and replaced. The posts were removed and we discovered there was a lot of rot along the corner of the roof. As Thomas poked at the roof trim and debris showered down, I wanted to cry. This was a budget project and the more debris made me feel that this was going to be out of control price wise.

Thankfully the roof itself was in great shape and only part of the trim was rotted through. A couple of reasons why this happened: The tops of the support posts were covered in the aluminum protection causing rain to pool on top. Secondly, instead of doing a complete replacement on the porch (and roof) they covered it up with wood and siding. The original gutters are actually under the roof. Birds had been nesting in the roof. Carpenter ants had devoured it. Everyone was having a party!

Thomas was able to easily fix the trim before he needed to leave. George spent the rest of the morning removing the porch boards. After lunch he started to put the new boards on. When Chase came home from school, he moved lumber from the back yard to the front. By 6 George headed home (Grandma is coming for the next two weeks!) and Thomas finished re-building the new support posts and wrapping them in the siding.

Tomorrow Steve is off from work so we are hoping to get more, if not the rest done.

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