Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As Chase and I were pulling out of our driveway this morning, he excitedly yelped that there were roses blooming on the trellis! I joined in his excitement and honked at Steve (who was waiting to pull out after us) and waved wildly in the direction of the roses (I don't think he was as excited as we were).

Once Chase was safely deposited on the school bus, I came home and started snapping pictures and wandering the yard to see just how many of our rose bushes are blooming.

Trellis roses. They smell delicious.

Chocolate roses behind the trellis roses.

These beauties are in front of a window in our kitchen.

These are on a massive bush in front of our dining room window.

The rose bush that Karen moved from the edge of the driveway when we bought the house in late 2009 that is now front of our front porch is ready to bloom, too. I know that the trellis roses, the roses in front of the kitchen window, and the transplanted bush did not bloom last year. I would have remembered having fuchsia colored roses in the yard (and would not have planted chocolate roses behind them).

They're all so beautiful to look at.