Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

It's Wednesday! Today is the day I join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists and post pictures of our beautiful projects. If you are new here, please check out the other lovely projects through Ginny's blog. Happy knitting!

Last week, the Baby Surprise Jacket consumed me. I wanted to finish it. I wanted a product to show for all of the stress. Once I finished it this past weekend, it was time to return to working on Chase's sweater. First, however, I decided to make some toys for kitties.

A purple dragon, a cupcake, a horse.

After I finished "frosting" the cupcake last night, Chase told me I could stop working on his sweater (as long as he has it by fall) so I can just make cat toys. How generous of him!

I did work a little bit on his sweater yesterday. I did another section of the back cable pattern.

Sage came to help me last night and fell asleep instead.

Some progress.
As for reading, I am going through Carrots Love Tomatoes again. This week we're setting our seedlings out to enjoy the nice weather and hopefully will be getting them all into the ground of the weekend. I want to make sure every box is growing harmoniously.

Hope everyone enjoys their week. Happy knitting!


  1. What cute little creatures! I just started my BSJ last night. Yours looks terrific! Did it take you long?

    I'm a new follower. You can check out my blog here

    I'll be announcing a 100 follower giveaway soon.

  2. That sweater will be lovely when it is done!

  3. @Amanda

    Hi Amanda! The jacket worked up quickly once getting past the hard part. Row 11 gave me a lot of problems (my counts were repeating off), but I finally got it under control and it was smooth sailing from that point on. Let me know if I can be of any help and good luck!

  4. @Julia

    I think so, too. I want to spend all my time working on it just so I can see it finished.

  5. The sweater looks great! I always like seeing your cat(s) in the photos :)

  6. Your baby surprise jacket is BEAUTIFUL! I must cast this on for my little boy for this fall. The cat toys are precious! We have three kitty babies and they would adore those toys!