Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading.

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? ~ Ginny

This past week I finally finished the sweater I was working on for my Mom. I realized when she was here in May that I had been knitting a couple of sections incorrectly. I taught myself to knit two years ago, and all this time I was doing the basic knit stitch incorrectly! Ah well, live and learn, yes? But the sweater still turned out extremely nice, I think. Mom certainly loves it :) The pattern I used is Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted 1530. Their website is giving me extreme issues right now, or I would link it properly.
Showing off her sweater!

I think it looks really nice!

I didn't knit this past weekend while traveling to and from Indianapolis. Instead, I took the Webelos handbook with us so I could study up on Scouting. Chase joined Tiger Scouts earlier in the spring, but didn't have a chance to earn any badges before the summer. Now he is considered a Webelo so we are studying up on the Webelos and the badges he can earn. On Monday, the latest issue of Food Network magazine arrived so I have been studying the recipes and making plans on what to try out.

Agent approves of the reading material.

On Monday I started a new set of wristers for my friend as a late birthday present. I fell in love with the Evenstar Gloves and felt they would be perfect for her. I went into my stash of orphan yarns and chose a couple of skeins of Eucool yarn in a lovely shade of burgundy. I'm going with a slightly lighter yarn because my friend is moving from Michigan to Florida for school this fall and I am pretty sure she's not going to need the super heavy (and warm) stuff! :) I was up to the palm on the first glove Monday night, but I had made a couple of mistakes early on. So Tuesday morning I pulled it all out and started again. This is where I stand as of this morning:

The back of the glove.

Front of the glove.

As a special treat to this Wednesday Yarn Along, I have pictures of the three projects Mom has finished up over the past two weeks. When she was here in May, she was working on my Christmas sweater, her Christmas sweater, and a scarf pattern from our LYS (someone came up with the pattern and if you bought the yarn, you got the pattern for free). She completed these projects and sent them, along with at least six other sweaters she's made over the past few years in a tote back to our home (for when she visits this winter, she says). I couldn't resist taking out the Christmas sweaters to feel (and try on).


Mom's sweater.

A close up of the front cable pattern.

My sweater.

The cable pattern on the sleeves
Mom used fisherman's weight wool from Beaverslide Dry Goods. Her sweater was knitted in Marsh Sedge and mine is in Prairie Fire. The sweater pattern is a free pattern from Bernat Yarns called "Boyfriend Sweater". As for the scarf, I have to find out what yarn was used (offhand I can't remember).

She'd also like to mention that she has read the following three books in between knitting:

Mystery - John Kellerman
Buried Pray - John Sanford
A Walk Alone - Mary Higgins Clark

 Happy knitting!


  1. Yor did a fantastic job on the sweater for your Mom! What a beautiful Mom you have and the sweater looks beautiful on her.

  2. That's one happy Mom! You've inspired me to make one for my Mom. I'll shoot for a Christmas Present.
    I should be able to finish one for her by then :)

  3. Your mom looks like a super fun lady! Your projects are all beautiful! I love the stitch detail of the glove.

  4. @Jess

    My Mom has religiously made me a sweater for the past four years and I finally decided to work up the courage to make her one in return.

    Yep.. you should definitely make one for your mom now!

  5. @Swanski Oh my Mom is great. I love spending time with her and she's always so entertaining.

    Thank you! I'm really loving the detail work of the glove. I'm really enjoying cables now.

  6. I think you did a kick-ass job on your mom's sweater!

    And your mom is quite talented herself. :-)

  7. How lovely - I bet your Mum really cherishes that sweater. Her aran sweaters are just amazing. xx

  8. @The Barefoot Crofter Thank you very much. I am always in awe when I see what she is able to do.

  9. Way to go in finishing the sweater for your mom! You're right...she does look like she loves it, and why wouldn't she? :)