Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back in the knitting game

I wanted to be knitting, but my heart was not in it. I knew it would help me relax, focus, and keep my mind off stressing matters, but I just could not pick up the needles to work on my two current projects. So on Wednesday I read a short story and that seemed to untangle my mind and I was finally able to relax again.

While sitting at the local B&N in Delaware shortly after finishing the short story, I thumbed through knitting magazines all the while thinking of Chase's sweater and that lace scarf I was working on. The lace scarf, I knew, was going to be ripped out. I made a mistake when I picked it up again, and even though I knew I had made the mistake instantly, I continued to knit to correct (it took 8 inches to finally get it back on track). At the time I didn't care there was a huge mistake in the project. I just kept knitting because the pattern is easy and it was fast growing. When I finally measured it on Wednesday I was at 38 inches of the 80 finished inches. The mistake I made was around the 13th inch. I debated if I would rip it out to the mistake or just ignore it. I probably would have let it be if it was right at the back of my neck (nobody would notice but me, right?) but in the end I decided it needed to come out.

But back to the browsing of knitting magazines. I actually picked one up because of a sweater pattern in there that would be perfect for my Dad. It spoke to me. I just kept staring at it and saying "I have to make this." and couldn't stop babbling to Steve about it being the perfect pattern. So I brought home the magazine.

Wednesday night while my Dad was going through his nightly dialysis and a movie was on for background noise/entertainment purposes (on average it takes between 3-4 hours a night for dialysis), I finished a pattern section on Chase's sweater and put it down, then tore out most of the lace scarf. I was able to stop myself at the last correct row, refer to the pattern to figure out what row I was to start on, and complete that pattern section before bed. Now I should be good to go when I am ready to pick it up again. I'll work on the scarf again soon, but I first need to make copies of the pattern and put them in protective sleeves. This magazine is becoming quite dog-eared and has definitely seen better days. Since I plan on making another one of these scarves for a gift this year, I better make sure the pattern stays in tact (especially since I can't seem to find it online).

I am pleased to say I am sailing away at working on Chase's sweater. I accomplished a lot on our drive home until I was hit with a horrible migraine. I am just all too giddy to be moving forward with it. Even Chase commented this afternoon "Gee! I bet you'll be done with it before the fall if you keep going at this pace!" (thanks for the vote of confidence kiddo!).

I'm also starting to mentally put together a list of gifts I want to start working on for others for Christmas. I'm at that point in the year where I am anxiously waiting on the goodies to start coming out of the garden, but I am also looking forward to the fall and all those wonderful knitted, cozy items coming back out of storage.

For now I am off to bake Chase's weekly supply of raspberry white chocolate chip scones. He picked up golden raspberries today to "mix things up" and is waiting for me to get busy in the kitchen.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


  1. You know I was just thinking about writing out the Christmas knitting to do list! Like minds.....

  2. @Swanski

    Yep! I think it definitely is time to get a list going.