Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beans, anyone?

This afternoon when Chase and I came home from the farmer's market, we wandered through our own garden to see how things are doing. Tomatoes? check -- growing bigger every day. Vine items? check -- starting to creep out of the boxes. Even the hot peppers that didn't seem to do too well shortly after planting have made a come back. I advised Chase that this week we are going to get the rest of the last box prepared for the cauliflower (our co-op said we can plant cauliflower seeds directly into the ground as late as August up here -- fantastic!).

The biggest (and happiest) surprise was when we checked on the beans to see how those little buds from last week were doing. Beans! We have beans!

We plucked twelve of those delicious morsels that Chase victoriously carried into the house. This was our first time growing beans (from seed, too) that made it to the garden (last year Jessica ate all of our seedlings down to nothing). I washed them, then ate a few. They are delicious! I love raw green beans (Chase is waiting for more that I can cook).

Finally after all our hard work, we're starting to see some results.


  1. We did not plant beans this year but I do love them! Maybe next year.

  2. @Swanski

    I love them, too! Chase was shocked that I was eating them raw. :)