Friday, July 8, 2011

Despite the reason that sent (or kept) our family in Delaware last week, I think that we all had a great time together. My stepsister came up from North Carolina and is staying through the weekend with my dad and stepmom.

Our biggest goal, after being there for my dad and stepmom, was to keep Chase's mind (and probably ours) off why we were there. Until Tuesday evening, we all thought that his surgery was going to be Wednesday (but it's now moved to Monday).

Delaware, and the surrounding areas, are full of so much history. Plus everything is rather convenient to get to.

On the 4th of July, the three of us headed down to Baltimore to the National Aquarium. Chase has never been to Maryland before, so this was a big treat for him. I was looking forward to seeing the jelly fish exhibit, but it did not actually have any living jelly fish (the aquarium made up for this disappointment by having sloths in the rain forest!). Chase was there, as he said, strictly to see the sting rays.

sting rays

Steve and Chase in the rain forest exhibit.

Chase was able to tour the USS Torsk thanks to a wonderful grandma who was touring with her friends. The grandma said she didn't like tight, cramped spaces and wanted someone who would enjoy the submarine to be able to. Chase was tickled!

On Tuesday, Dad was at the hospital early at the cath lab and what we thought would we be pre-op appointments. We decided to take Chase out to Valley Forge for a little bit of American history. It was fabulous. After we toured Valley Forge, we drove into Philadelphia for lunch at the City Tavern and then came home.

Chase and myself.

George Washington's headquarters (Isaac Potts house)

Wednesday we had planned on staying at the house waiting for word on the surgery. Since surgery was scheduled for this coming Monday, we still decided to stay close to the house (Dad still has antibiotic treatment three times a week). We visited a local coffee house and the book store for a bit but kept it all very low key. There was also time to play with Wolfie, my dad and stepmom's miniature schnauzer. She is also nicknamed the "Wiggly Eyebrow" because she reminds me of an old man's bushy eyebrow.

Wolfie takes a break from playing fetch with Steve.

Thursday we were heading back home, but decided if the weather permitted (as in no rain) we would stop in Gettysburg. Gettysburg is definitely a visit that needs more than three hours. We were able to see most of the spots, the Union side of things, but will have to return in the future to see the Confederate view point. This was the highlight of the tourism bit of our vacation for Chase.

Chase is a big fan of military history (and has been forever). I took a Civil War history class two semesters ago that he was able to sit in on and he absorbed the information like a little sponge. While we were driving from site to site in Gettysburg, he was tossing out facts about key figures and statistics. But to actually stand on the battlefield, to walk where soldiers once did, was truly breathtaking.

Time to head home.

It's nice to be home again. All of our fuzzies seemed to have really missed us (the "baby" spent most of the night sleeping on my back).

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get back to Delaware for Dad's surgery on Monday, but I am sure it will go well.


  1. I love the mini schnauzer (wonder why?)!! I have to get over to Gettysburg, I haven't been since I was little. I think I might appreciate it more!

  2. @Swanski

    Tee hee! Every time I see your Frodo, I think of Wolfie.

  3. looks like a great time! (despite the circumstances).

  4. @Swanski

    Oh and you should definitely go again! My stepmom said that you need to truly experience the town also with the battlefield. We have said when we go back we're going to give it a whole weekend (and one when it's not 90 degrees either) so we can take our time.

  5. @Freedom Three Thanks! I think it was a nice little vacation.

  6. I'm really looking forward to touring historical sites such as these when Silas is old enough to appreciate them. I'm so glad that Chase had a good time.

  7. @cpcable I was really afraid that Chase wouldn't like Valley Forge because of it not being a battle site (we listened to kids complain about that while taking the tour), but he just ate it all up. He's really becoming a history buff!

    I am sure when Silas is big enough, he will also enjoy seeing America!