Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farmer's Market

The heat wave (that I know pretty much everyone is experiencing right now) needs to go away. Sadly, according to the local weather, it's going to get worse before it gets better this week. *sigh/grumble*

Despite the suffocating heat today, we did head to the farmer's market. The lovely Amish folks were absent last week and I was eager to see them again and let them know how much our family has been enjoying their maple syrup. I think they are my favorite booth to visit.

I picked up a loaf of fresh bread (we're going to have BLTs for dinner tonight -- yummy!), along with goat cheese they are now carrying (can't wait to try it!), and of course the weekly treat of apple fried pies. I think they had some of the best looking zucchini I have seen yet this summer, too.

A new vendor at the market specializes in doggy treats. I figured Koda shouldn't be left out of a shopping trip (and since we are having company this weekend that includes a dog) I decided to pick up a bag of goodies for Koda to share with her friend. Koda has sampled one of the biscuits and I think she approves!

Yay peanut butter treats!

A quick stop at Growing Hope yielded a beautiful bunch of Swiss Chard that will be used in tomorrow night's dinner.

Love it!

Finally, after wandering the market for twenty minutes (and really regretting doing so in dress clothes), we headed across the street to the coffee house for cool, refreshing treats. Chase munched on his cinnamon roll from the Amish bakery (that's his weekly treat) while Steve and I chatted over espresso milkshakes.

So good!

Sadly, no vendors had peaches (Chase is in a peach mood right now) so I will have to check with our co-op tomorrow. I'm still trying to find a recipe for the tart cherries I picked up last week. I pitted and froze them so they're just waiting for use now. Anyone have suggestions?

Hope everyone is staying cool!


  1. I'm with you on the heat! I am so ready for cooler weather. The bread you bought looks so good and I am a huge fan of goat cheese. Making my own cheese is one of the reasons I want my own goat. Sorry, I'm no help on the cherries..they don't grow here. The only one's I have bought, we have just eaten right out of the container. Hopefully someone will have a fab recipe. xx

  2. @Tracey We've had their bread before (I ran out of flour again this week!) and it is absolutely delicious. I have been looking forward to a nice BLT on it since last week.

    I tried the goat cheese and it is wonderful! It is so much better than another vendor there (that is more commercialized). I told my hubby he needs to use it shredded in his bulgar salad. I hope they have more next week.

    I'd like a goat, too, to go with a couple of sheep, some chickens.. *sigh* not sure if they'd allow it within the city, haha!

  3. I made a cherry pie a week or two ago. I found one recipe from Allrecipes.com it was pretty good, a little runny.

  4. @Swanski I was thinking maybe a pie, too. But then I have a really simple homemade ice cream recipe that doesn't involve an ice cream maker and I thought "Hmm.. maybe cherry ice cream?"

    The recipe hunt shall go on!