Wednesday, July 13, 2011



(pardon my finger in the corner)

Chase counted 8 little tomatoes on this one plant today.

The garden is really growing. I am getting impatient with it at times because I see what everyone else is pulling from their own plots and I want to be munching on a freshly picked tomato. I have to keep reminding myself that growing zones are different, weather is always a factor, and good things come to those who wait. It is nice, however, to see that among all that green there are specks of color.

Today is also the first day of fall registration out on campus. I am so disheartened with the local community college. I have gone back and forth mentally about how I should have just gone on to the university as planned for this fall instead of taking another semester to re-focus. Then I tell myself I need this semester to get back on track since last semester was so shaky (job loss, plus losing two grandparents within two months of each other - my emotions were shredded by April). Thankfully, the university was willing to extend their offer to me for Winter 2012, so I will have time to prepare my transfer. I plan on going to open campus events, to tour the campus with my family, to prepare myself for total immersion.

In the mean time, I will muddle through at the local CC. Most everything I am taking this semester is to fill my elective requirements (and mostly in humanities). I need one art class, however, to be able to express myself and I am seriously considering art welding. I think it will be unique enough, and offer a challenge to keep me satisfied. Besides, I have almost convinced my baby brother-in-law to take it with me so I won't be alone. ;) The CC is getting strict on courses, dropping many of their regular classes, and offering more at insane times. I refuse to take night classes this semester (I have been for two years) or on the weekend. I miss my family when I am gone at night and on the weekend. It seems like the few classes I still need or want to take are being held at the same time, so I am settling for things I am okay with that are offered online so I can take one class that will transfer.

I have a lot on my mind about personal growth right now, but it's still jumbled in my mind. If I manage to untangle all of my thoughts and feelings enough to write it out, I will attempt to later.


  1. What are you getting your degree in?

  2. Good for you in continuing your education. My son in law has gone back to school[full time] and my daughter is getting ready to go for her Masters. It's hard, but so worth it. Yes, I'm curious as to what you are getting your degree in too.

  3. @Swanski Right now I am going the liberal arts route to transfer. Sadly, most of the courses offered are no longer being accepted as is at most of the area 4 year schools (they'll transfer as electives). Now, when I transfer, my focus will be on legal policies and social work. I would like to be some type of a child advocate in the court system.

  4. @Tracey In the short term (community college) liberal arts. In the long term (transfer to a 4 year school) it will be in legal studies/social work. :)

    I think if anyone has the chance to go back, they should do whatever they can to do so. Kudos to your son-in-law and your daughter for continuing on! I agree it is hard, but it is so worth it and I am enjoying myself. I feel I am learning more now that I have grown up a bit.

  5. Good luck Emily! You can definitely do it :)

  6. Take the welding class!!!! That sounds so exciting. My little brother is 6 years younger than I am, but there was a year overlap in our time at college (I went back too) and we took a Chinese conversation class together. Taking classes with little brothers is awesome. Your goals sound really noble, Emily. Good luck in achieving them! :)

  7. @cpcable I signed up for the class today :) I think it will be great fun. I'm hoping Mike will sign up, too. He's in the same boat I am, ready to transfer, so having to fill in with "fun" classes. I'd love have someone with me!


  8. Good for you Emily. I did my degree in my mid thirties - a science one. My school teachers would have been amazed by this - lol.- I still am myself, when I think about it. xx