Saturday, July 16, 2011

The past few days have been busy with activity along our street and Chase has been on top of it all.

Thursday morning, the power company sent out their tree trimmers to take care of the tree at the back of the property line. During the storm we had Wednesday evening a couple of small branches came down and were resting on the power lines (that just so happen to run to four houses, including ours). I, personally, would chop the whole dang thing down, but the tree is on the property behind us right at the fence so it is up to them to cut it or have it taken care of. Chase wasn't allowed to go out and watch them cut limbs, but he (and Sage) sat in front of the dining room window to watch the workers carefully. Thankfully our beloved Maple tree in the back yard is safe (though it probably does need a good trimming).

Then the power company sent out a repair crew to check on the gas leak we have at the street level. We've noticed for over a year that there is the hint of natural gas in the air near the street. Our neighbors on both sides of us, plus us, have called the power company. All they were able to determine was that it was at the street level and not on any residential property (somehow this was supposed to reassure us) and that the city is required to handle the repair. A few weeks ago, contractors came through to measure the gas readings and mark the street where leaks were detected. According to the man who was doing the readings, it was considered a level II leak and that the city had up to 60 days to respond to the complaint.

Chase went out to meet the work crew and watch what they were doing. I have to say here that I love how easy Chase is able to make friends and how thankful I am this work crew didn't mind him watching. In fact, they gave him a pair of safety goggles, ear plugs, and those ear muff protector thingies. Chase was over the moon with excitement, because, as he said "they're for keeps!". So while they sucked the fumes from the ground to get a more accurate reading, Chase happily watched from the driveway. He spent a good portion of Thursday afternoon talking with the guys, learning from them. By the time they wrapped up Thursday evening (with a promise to be back in the morning) Chase was told that "he knows as much as they do and could join their team anytime" (again, through the moon).

Friday morning as the work crew was returning (the worst leak on our street was right at the foot of our driveway), Chase and I were heading to see Harry Potter (a fantastic ending). By the time we were home from the movie they had opened up a large hole in the street at the foot of our driveway and were busy repairing the line. Chase grabbed all of his gear and went back out to watch. They were done by 3: the repair fixed, the hole filled and sealed.

It turns out that the lines, they discovered, along the street are the original gas lines in this neighborhood (we live in the historic district) dating back to the 1920's (yikes!). So this is a very temporary fix. There are a couple of other leaks down the street which they will be back to fix next week, but the entire line is going to need to be replaced. How soon will this happen, we have no idea, but it needs to be updated.

Oh the joy of city living!

Today Chase and I stayed closer to home (or at least in our neighborhood). We walked down to our coffee house to have coffee and knitting time. Chase seems to enjoy knitting in public a lot (this little outing was his idea). He's doing great on his own knitting. The other night he decided he wanted to change to smaller needles, and after thinking long and hard, he undid his first knitting and re-started on size 7 needles. I think he's happier (although he's knitting on 32 inch long needles, so he needs a shorter pair). He's got about 10 new rows total (which I think is great for having re-started).

Chase said "I can't help it! When I feel your yarn, Mom, I just have to knit!" 

When we were walking up our driveway, I noticed the Rose of Sharon is starting to bloom. It's a month early again this year, but I blame the really wet spring and now super dry summer.

There are two blooms now, but I bet by Wednesday the entire bush will be in full bloom.

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