Friday, July 29, 2011

Sea monkeys, ball games, rainy days

Earlier this year my Dad gave Chase a sea monkeys set because "every child should know the joy and experience of raising sea monkeys". Little did any of us know how serious Chase was going to take to them. It has been a great experience for Chase being able to watch them go through their life cycle. At any given time he had at least a dozen adult sea monkeys in the little tank.

 Monday night when Chase was taking care of me during my migraine storm, he had gone upstairs to get his quilt for me and accidentally knocked over his sea monkeys tank. I heard the crash, I heard the shriek of terror. I went for the stairs as he was coming down, shaking, sobbing. The tank had fallen and as Chase tearfully said “They’re all lost, Mom! All gone so fast!” he was shaking. Chase kept repeating that he would buy more, he had to have more, that he loved them so much. I took a moment to assess the situation of spilled sea monkeys and an extremely distraught Chase.

“Get me a medicine syringe from your medical supply kit.” I told Chase. Immediately I could see he was processing what I was planning on doing. We were now officially on a search and rescue mission. Chase refilled the tank with bottled water and I started to look over the spilled water on his desk. I spotted a small twitching mass and quickly sucked up the sea monkey (a female). Chase was thrilled. She went in the tank and swam around – a good sign we thought. I was done on my hands and knees looking over his floor (another time I am so thankful for hardwood floors), looking for any sign of movement. A second sea monkey (a male) I found on the top of a box barely moving. He was added to the tank with the female. We continued our search for half an hour at which time I declared this now a clean up mission (and my head was exploding by now). We cleaned everything up and went back downstairs, hoping that Adam and Eve (that’s what Chase decided to name the survivors) would make it through the night.

Sadly they did not. I had explained to Chase before he went to bed that having been spilled out of their tank and being sucked up into a syringe could be an extremely traumatic experience. I wanted to prepare him for the worst, and am glad that I had, even though he was just as upset in the morning when he saw they didn’t make it as he was when it first happened.

I am happy to report that replacement sea monkeys (along with water purifier and more food) arrived yesterday and he is prepping the tank to start again.


Wednesday evening, members of Steve’s barbershop group were joining another local chapter to sing the Star Spangled Banner at a Toledo Mud Hens game. I hadn’t been to a baseball game since seeing the Durham Bulls play many moons ago, and Chase and Steve had never been to a minor league team game before. As we were leaving the house to meet the other barbershoppers at the church before convoying down to Toledo, it started to rain. “Don’t worry,” I told Steve and Chase “I checked the weather map, and Toledo is going to be dry all night.” As soon as we crossed the state line into Ohio, the rain did stop.

The barbershoppers did a fantastic job. They sang to a crowd over almost ten-thousand people. The game itself was a blast. I think Steve and I were surprised that Chase wasn’t hoarse the next morning from all of his screaming and cheering on. Sadly, the Mud Hens lost to the Norfolk Tide in the end, but it was all so much fun. I told Steve I want to go again, especially on Jamie Farr bobblehead  night ;) (I love M*A*S*H!).

Great seats!

Happy fans!
As we were pulling out from the ball park, it started to sprinkle. And yes, as soon as we crossed back into Michigan, it was pouring. Twenty minutes from home the lightning was phenominal. I was wondering what we were driving into as it got worse and worse. As soon as we got home, we got Chase up to bed and I checked the weather. It was just a massive storm from trailing to the other side of the state. I laid in bed, awake past midnight, watching the lightning and listening to the thunder and the rain.

It kept raining. At three I woke and grumbled about how it still was raining. It stopped briefly around five when Steve got up to head to work, but by six it was starting up again. It was steady, but light, until about nine when Chase and I left my doctor’s office (at which point it was pouring). It continued to rain until after noon.

According to the news, areas around here got anywhere between three and six inches of rain. We got water in our basement (along with a few of our neighbors), and there was scattered power outages yesterday around town. I know the garden is ever so thankful for the soaking (as am  I). It started to storm again around three this morning and continued on until about eight. Now the sun is out and it’s looking like a good day ahead of us!


So what does one do during a rainy day? I would have lost myself in a good book if my head wasn’t bothering me (I was in tears by the time Chase and I got home from my appointment because my head hurt so much). After I rested for a bit, I decided Chase needed a craft project to keep him entertained.
A while ago I had a friend share a link for a rug you make using a hula hoop as a weaving frame and old cut up t-shirts. I have been stock piling shirts of Chase’s since then that he has outgrown just for this project. So we sat down together and looked over the directions and then I helped cut all of those strips for him.

I started the rug for him just to get him focused on the "under, over" of weaving. I think the big problem is I weave too tight (I do so even when basket weaving). Chase's rug turned more into a basket than a rug. I thought it would be fine to put little things in, but for whatever reason, Chase thinks it makes a fantastic hat. Whatever floats his boat, right? LOL

Still recycling!

This shirt has special meaning for us.

A stack of outgrown shirts turns into...

... Multicolored strips!

ready to start weaving

Finished product -- I think Sage was trying to figure out how to get his large body squished inside.
I offered to take it all apart and re-do it so the center wasn't so tight, but Chase absolutely refused (and I can see why he did -- he did work really hard on it). I hope he uses it as a basket for some of his smaller toys, however, instead of insisting on it being a hat.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Great catching up with you Emily. I hope you are feeling a lot better - my sister has these big migraines too - they just totally floor her. Lots happening with you and so interesting - I have now googled sea monkeys, as i hadn't heard of them, found a great rug weaving idea and learned about Gnome societal customs. Thank you xx

  2. I would have been saving the sea monkeys too. The things we do :) I think the weaving looks great and so creative!

  3. @Swanski Oh the things we do for our kids! :)

  4. @The Barefoot Crofter

    Oh I feel the same way, Jacqui. I love seeing how your lovely animals are doing and learn something new each time we visit! xx

  5. How wonderful that you found more sea monkey's. I didn't even know they still sold them. I use to buy them at the 7-11 when I was a kid.
    Thank you so much Emily for posting about weaving a rug with a hula hoop. I have wanted to make a rug for a long time and I think this might be something I can actually follow.xx