Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend

Chase and I just said our goodbyes to our guests from the weekend. We had a wonderful visit and hope they'll be able to come back up and see us again. And yes, Koda and Brie got along quite well!

Friday morning after they pulled in we did breakfast at a local spot before a tour of the town. We came home so Chris and Gena could rest. It was a nice and low key kind of day (we also got a bit of a storm!). My zucchini boats were a huge success!

Saturday we went to Dale's house and had a nice visit then went out to dinner at a local bbq place (another spot I insist on visitors eating at) before the adults went to see a friend who was dj'ing an 80's night (so much fun!). Chase spent the night with his grandparents (much to his delight).

Sunday we all say Captain America, then Steve, Chris and Chase went to see the speedway and do guy things while Gena and I hung out, sipped tea, and chatted. Whew! I think we both used each other as sounding boards for our lives!

Today is Gena's birthday. We took her into downtown Ann Arbor so they could see what the supposed big fuss over the UofM is ;) then home for pink lemonade birthday cake. With both of them needing to be at work super early on Wednesday, they opted to leave this evening and drive through the night home.

I am certainly going to miss having Chris and Gena (and Brie) here. It was nice to see our friends again and introduce them to new friends.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. It looks like everyone had a fun time together and that makes the perfect weekend!!

  2. Wonderful that everyone had such a great time. You are obviously a fabulous hostess! Zucchini boats eh? Sounds like one more reason for me to wish for friends with an overabundance this year!


  3. Emily, I am so glad everything went well and ya'll had a wonderful time.xx

  4. @Swanski

    Oh it was definitely a good time! Chase was so saddened when they left.

  5. @no spring chicken

    Debbie -- My husband sings barbershop and one of his group members has been bringing basket after basket of massively huge zucchini. We were definitely blessed! Ours are still growing :)

  6. @Tracey Thanks Tracey! All that worrying and stressing.. ;)