Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the storm

I've been reading about how everyone is doing post Irene and am glad to hear that you are all okay!

Initially my concern was for Sarah, fresh to south Florida, on her own, never having dealt with a hurricane before. Dale and I worried, told her things she could and should do in preparation, and I stayed hooked on the news. Florida was spared. Sarah briefly lost power as the outer bands pummeled the coast, but it turned out to be more of a practice run for her.

My attention turned to the NC coast and all those who live in the coastal region of SC and also Virginia. My stepsister is inland enough in NC that they just had rain. My stepmom's sister and her husband, in Virginia Beach, lost power (and had to postpone departing for Australia) but everything is okay there.

Columbia, NC took quite a beating. Most people don't notice Columbia. It's a quick zip on the road to the beach. Fara and her sister grew up in the sleepy little town. I remember being younger and Molly and I going to spend the day with her parents. They have a home across from the Tar River; a cute little bungalow that was story-book perfect. Molly and I would go out on the pier, or walk down to the old cannery and sit under the overpass, or even better, a walk to the local five and dime for some little toy or activity to keep us entertained (Grandmother didn't have cable TV).

Columbia flooded. Fara's mom's house has about 6-10 inches of water standing. The houses on either side are worse off as they are a bit lower. No idea on how extensive the damage is. Fara's tenant is hoping things can be fixed (her parents house also had severe water damage).  It's nearly impossible to find out about Columbia on the news. Dad has been updating us on how the clean-up is going via calls from Fara's sister.

Dad and Fara had planned on going to a hotel to ride out the storm. Wilmington was expected to be hit with ten inches or more of rain. Dad said it was a big bust there, thankfully.

A former co-worker of mine who is originally from New York City said it was shocking to him to watch the city prepare. I have to admit that seeing New York City empty, everyone bunkered down, was pretty amazing.

Hope everyone continues to be safe.

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  1. Praising Him that it wasn't as devastating as was anticipated... praying for those unfortunate ones in the path of Irene's destruction...

    Blessings, Debbie