Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boys will be boys

..and my boys decided they would try eating a Bhut Jolokia pepper -- a ghost pepper. A member of Steve's quartet brought in a couple along with cherry tomatoes to rehearsal last night. Steve felt bad for the lonely peppers left at the end of rehearsal and decided to bring them home (especially since Chase has mentioned his desire to try one).

Chase's serving of ghost pepper.  

Chase preparing himself to try a piece.

Steve and his serving.

The surgical gloves dad had sent certainly came in handy today! I didn't try any (I refuse to), but I was able to videotape the boys and their taste test.

I have to give immense credit to Chase and Steve for trying the ghost pepper. Despite the fact that Chase never, ever wants to try one of these again, he would really like to grow them to make salsa.


  1. Oh My! I love hot foods, but have never been able to work up enough nerve to taste a ghost pepper. Way to go to your guys! xx

  2. Such bravery! I couldn't do it.

  3. The kids and I were laughing at your video!

  4. @Meadow

    LOL! Glad Chase could entertain.

  5. A friend of ours has grown them two years in a row now. The salsa he made last year was very good. I made a hot sauce with one we gave us, with some tomato and carrot and garlic to soften the heat a bit, it is great too. Hope the boys are okay.

  6. @Julia

    Chase is eyeballing the two small ones and has said he'd like to try eating it again. I know he has mentioned wanting the seeds for growing purposes. He dreams of hot salsa!

  7. You have some bold fellas there!