Friday, August 5, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I made a list of things I wanted to make before the end of summer. Most of the things on the list were things that Chase and I could do together. Slowly, I am checking off the items on the list.

The first on the list was to make curtains for our front door. Our lovely, old house has a vestibule. The interior door to the vestibule is just like a large window. The exterior door has a small window. What bothers me the most about the window in the exterior door is that anyone who comes up on the porch can see right into our living room.

view inside the vestibule out the front door

The previous owners had some sort of curtain up when they lived here (you can see the little nail holes in the door). What was stopping me from actually making the curtains was the lack of material. I decided last week I would go to Jo-Anns and scour their remnants for suitable material. I then remembered I have a bolt of fabric I purchased three years ago for the back of a quilt for Steve's and my room (I was on a quilt making spree, but then we closed on our house and focused on settling in and the quilt never came to be).

It's the perfect shade of brown with a very faint pattern to it. I decided to make the curtains double sided. I didn't want the white "back" of the material facing in to the vestibule.

Sage thought the material was for him.

The curtains I made are extremely simple. I hand stitched instead of machine stitched (per Chase's request -- he likes to see my tiny stitches) two panels, then turned them basically into pillow cases (but with spots to run them on a curtain rod). Simple and quick!

It is amazing how much light came in to the vestibule. I never realized until the first day when the curtains were hung and there is this dark room now. I like it. I also like not having to worry about someone coming onto our front porch and being able to peer inside our front door easily.

Looking into the vestibule from the living room door.

Our house is funny when it comes to extra doors. We have one from the living room into the hallway, the hallway into the kitchen, and the kitchen into the dining room. And they all look like the living room into the vestibule door.

Since I have so much fabric still, I am thinking of replacing the curtain in our stairwell to the back door and possibly make curtains for the windows in our kitchen (both currently just have a sheer in front of them). That is, if Sage will give up the bolt of fabric to me ;-)

Another item checked off the list is making butter with Chase. He developed a desire to make butter a couple of weeks ago and I told him we would. I told him we just needed heavy cream from the dairy, a large jar, and a marble and we'd be set to go. This has totally boggled his mind. He wasn't sure what the marble was for or how it would all happen. This morning after he had breakfast (and when he was desperate for something to do today), I got everything ready for him and put him to work.

Ever the multi-tasker, Chase is shaking butter and reading (sorry for the quality of picture, the sun was coming in quite brightly from the window behind him).

I think Chase was a bit surprised that making butter was not a quick task and a couple of times he asked me to shake the jar for him (I gladly assisted). He was quite pleased with the results and had some of the butter on toast with his strawberry jam. Delicious!


I think next week Chase and I will be returning to the kitchen to try out a few new recipes. Our week always seems to be a bit off when we haven't baked something, but we're not in a scone or cookie mood right now.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. I just got done with a tea party my little ones demanded. All morning it was is it time yet? I think I will have them make butter next time! Thanks for the idea. The curtain looks great.

  2. i've been needing to make curtains forever! i can't ever seem to do it. clothes are so much more fun! kind of like my husband's pants I've been meaning to patch up for months....

  3. I have never made butter! You have such clever activities :)

  4. @Julia

    You should definitely have your little ones make butter! Chase is always looking for new things to try and the butter kept him busy a while :)

    And of course, then you can use the fresh butter at your next tea party!

  5. Oh I agree Megan that clothes are much more fun (actually, it's on my list!). The curtains had to do be done, though!

    I don't like patching either. It's one of those things I'll do when I have a pile waiting for my attention :)

  6. @Swanski

    Never made butter?! Goodness, you have to sometime :)

  7. Good for you for getting things checked off your list! I've never made butter or curtains, but I'd like to do both! :)

  8. @cpcable

    You definitely should make butter sometime! :)