Monday, August 1, 2011

I started to post..

.. but then I erased it. Multiple times. I had wanted to talk about a handful of things that occurred over the weekend, but none of them were positive. But now I have a mixed bag and will provide somewhat of a cobbled update.

  • Saturday night we had a bit of excitement on our street. A transformer blew on the power pole on the street up from us (on the courthouse property) which collapsed and pulled a pole down on our street at the senior housing complex. We were watching Beauty & the Beast when we heard a humming noise and green flash travel between our house and next door back to our power pole. Steve went out back to check I went out front, and we we met up, there was another green orb of light and the fallen pole in the senior center caught fire (thankfully nobody was injured). So Chase got to see the fire trucks right out front of our house and was tickled when they roped off the street with their caution tape. My biggest complaint through all of this was calling 911. It goes out to the township and then we have to ask to be transferred to the city. We literally live across the street from the city fire department, police department, and court house. The entire call and transfer took six minutes. By the time I got through to the fire department, Steve had already been yelling "Fire! Fire!" as he and a neighbor ran toward the fire department (our theory is they heard his yelling long before dispatch ever got my call). I plan on writing a letter of complaint to someone about this.
  • Sunday was a good day overall. Steve had to work and was out early. When Chase and I made an attempt to leave, my car battery was dead. I can justify this because my car is five years old and this was the original battery. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Steve got home for a jump because the cables were in his truck. No worries. I used the time to work on Chase's second sleeve and to get deep into my book reading. After the battery was replaced, Steve and Chase took care of the yard and I went to welcome home Dale and Sarah from Florida and be relieved of pet-sitting duties. I missed my friends terribly and will miss Sarah when she leaves for school in three weeks. 
  • This morning Steve made the discovery that his every day vehicle (the replacement to our older truck) was broken into. In our driveway. Right next to our bedroom window. They went through the truck (not thoroughly, however, because the GPS was in his work desk and untouched). They took $3 and the key to our older truck that Steve had stashed. Thankfully, they didn't go in the other truck or they would have found tools and other items worth taking. 
I'm angry and saddened currently. I'm angry at myself because I am a light sleeper and I usually wake up whenever I hear someone on our street during the night, and yet I didn't wake up last night (nor did Koda for that matter). I'm angry that people do this, and for only a couple of bucks. I'm saddened that it happened, that I am now somewhat worried they'll come back at some point to get into the other truck. The officer that took the report said it was "a crime of opportunity". They didn't know what they were looking for, just that they were looking for something, even a couple of bucks.

That's fine, and I understand it. I hope that these thieves see this as a crossroad in their life (or lives). Do you attempt to break into (is it considered so if you have the key now?) another vehicle in hopes that the owners didn't remove the valuables? What if you can get to the vehicle in question? If there is no other vehicle blocking it in? Do you take it?

I'm still angry right now.


  1. I would be very angry too Emily. That was your space that was invaded and it's not right. You know, you can get a motion sensor light that goes off if anyone is where they shouldn't be and it could scare them off. Not sure how your property is set up, but I hope you don't have any more unwanted vistors.xx

  2. Big hugs Emily - what a weekend. I remember sleeping through a break in to my daughter's car - smashed window and all - opportunistic theft of the stereo. Don't blame yourself for the crimes of others.
    I hope you feel better soon - it is the sense of violation isn't it?

  3. @Tracey

    Thanks Tracey. We're going to invest in a motion sensor light for our back door/driveway area. I just really hate having this feeling right now of distrusting everyone I see walk down the street today. :/

  4. @The Barefoot Crofter

    It's definitely the sense of violation, Jacqui. I would never think of taking from someone else, let alone breaking into their vehicle (or home) so I'm just.. frustrated. It's funny because I was pet sitting this past week for a friend and I asked permission to go in a bedroom to look for their kitty. I just would not want to invade someone's personal space! Argh!

  5. This is a sad event! I would be angry and scared. I hope they find the culprits. We have motion lights on the driveway and thankfully critters are the only ones that tip it off.

  6. @Swanski

    I hope they do, too, but unless we catch them in the act, it probably won't happen. I'm annoyed that they didn't attempt to take any sort of prints off the truck.