Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've been distracted this week. A bit short with everyone. I know that I am stressing a lot right now about a handful of things. I'm trying to be patient and remain optimistic but then I just wake at 3am and stress more.

I miss working. I didn't think it would be taking this long to find a new job. I become so hopeful with each interview and get so disheartened when I am not chosen. Dale says maybe it's a sign to focus on my education this semester. That may be so, but when the mortgage needs to be paid, and the car payments need to be made, and there are expenses for school, utilities, and every little "not planned for" expense.. well, yes, you get the point I am sure. Steve's hours are sporadic right now. In his line of business there seems to be a shortage on work throughout the country. At this time we don't have the luxury of being a one-income household, so Steve's lack of work is causing a lot of stress on an already stressed household.

Right now I am thinking about how my semester starts in a little over a week. I am looking forward to this semester, but there is a nagging negative sensation in the back of my mind. I am just so fed up with this community college that I am ready to be done. I'll be transferring out to Concordia and starting there in December, thankfully. I am looking forward to all of my classes, don't get me wrong, but right now, it almost seems like a painful hassle, or just another motion to go through every day (like brushing your teeth). I used to be so excited about school -- now I am just kind of blah about it. Hopefully that will change once the semester officially starts. Hey, at least they got my book order right (this is the first time in five semesters!). I was completely shocked to find out. Maybe it's a sign that things will be alright?

Chase goes back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day. I know he is itching to get back to school. It has most definitely been an interesting summer for him (for all of us, really). With the stress (Dad's surgery) there was also so much good (Gettysburg, the National Aquarium, a Toledo Mud Hens game). A very busy summer. Not to mention all of the little craft things we've done at home (like learning to knit, sewing to make a quilt). Oh and lets not forget a certain hair cut.

I still think it should be red ;-)
Plus Chase has made friends with our neighbors down the street. He has been loving going over to play (and even to the city pool for the afternoon) with his new buddies. I know he has been dying to have playmates in the neighborhood (most of our neighbors are elderly with grandchildren his age).

I'm having problems with my car. Two weeks ago it was completely dead so we replaced the battery (the car is five years old, it was the factory battery, it seemed like that was the issue). Thursday I went out to move my car in the driveway and it was dead again. Definitely not the battery. The lights wouldn't come on. The wipers wouldn't come on. A couple of friends said it sounded like the alternator. We took it over to the mechanic Thursday afternoon, hoping and praying it was not the alternator (potentially expensive repair). They couldn't find anything wrong with it on Friday. Or Saturday. When we picked it up yesterday afternoon it was raining. Got home and turned off the wipers and the lights. The lights didn't go out. Took the key out, lights still on, opened/closed the door, lights still on. I was freaking out. It took about ten minutes of yelling, swearing, smacking (the car), and backing in and out of the driveway, and then finally the lights would turn off.

Steve called the mechanic who said to bring it in on Monday (I don't think so!). Steve left to borrow a crescent wrench (did I mention the lever in the toilet downstairs broke yesterday morning?) from his dad and I started trolling the internet for an answer. From what I have read this is a known issue with PT Cruisers. The multifunction switch needs to be replaced. I also found out I could do it myself with the right part, or I could clean the contacts (which means taking it apart!) and it should help. Chase and I just may work on the car this week. Until then, I am doing very limited driving (no rain, no night time). Taking it to a mechanic could be a couple hundred bucks (I do not have spare money right now for this). At least now I know what is (probably) the issue.

And then I fixed the toilet.

I also realized the sock I was knitting was being knitted on size 7 needles, not 3. I knew it looked wrong from the beginning, but I just didn't really think on it until Saturday morning, then I realized it was because I was using the wrong needles. So I ripped it out and have started again.

Later today when Steve is home from work, I will be going off to the library to pick up the books I have on hold and then to the co-op for flour (I really need to invest in bulk flour). This week Chase and I are going to make bread and I am so looking forward to it.


  1. Hugs - hope next week is good for you. I managed to fix our washing machine yesterday - I was so pleased with myself. sending you positive vibes. xxx

  2. I know those times. When everything seems out of sorts. I really hope getting it all out on 'paper' helped.

    The best thing about being in the dumps? There's nowhere to go but up right? Hang in there, and keep talking!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Hang in there, Emily. The economy is quite bumpy now. My inlaws have a similar experience (they live in Westland and Redford. Keep venting to us. We listen. Congrats on making the toilet repair yourself! We fix a lot of things ourselves. It saves oddles of money. The internet is a huge lifesaver for us on repairs. I hope you can fix the car. Enjoy your bread baking this week. YUM!

  4. @no spring chicken

    Yep -- definitely helped unclutter everything that was tangled in my mind. I have decided that this week will be great (even though I can't fix the car issue myself oh and I found out classes start Friday this week and not next week). Just gonna keep on smiling and keep on going!

  5. @The Barefoot Crofter

    Great job Jacqui! It always makes me happy when I can fix things at home (even if it's simple like fixing a toilet).

  6. @Proud Mama

    Thanks -- I'm going to make this week a positive one. The car issue I am afraid to do myself without supervision. I worry my attempt to fix it will make things worse and will cost more in the end.

    Tomorrow morning I am getting up early to start making bread. I am so looking forward to it (and I am going to do fried dough as a special treat for Chase).

  7. it seems like life brings us into these lulls on occasion. hope it's a quick one for you, maybe just long enough for a little downtime to restore your energy.

    and congrats on fixing the toilet. i tried to fix ours today and now it's totally broken :(

  8. @amanda {the habit of being}

    I have definitely enjoyed this summer not working and being able to focus on my family. I think I needed this because at a time there work was a priority, then school, and finally family. I gave up a lot of time with Chase to be working (I'd volunteer all the time) and I regret doing so. So it was nice this summer to just.. be..

    Oh no! :( What happened to your toilet?

  9. I can fix a sink but not a toilet....I am okay with that! I hope a new opportunity presents itself to you in the very near future :)

  10. wishing you uplifting peace in the coming days. little slumps can certainly feel heavy. i so get this.

  11. Kneading that dough will be good therapy! Hope things go better SOON! blessings ~ tanna

  12. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    Thanks Tanna -- I just found my misplaced bread recipe, so hopefully the kneading will help tomorrow :)