Friday, August 12, 2011

Peaceful moments of summer

Last week I mentioned that I had a list of things that I want to do with Chase this summer. As August marches on, and September looms around the corner, our free time together is starting to tick away.

One of the things Chase said he wanted to learn over the summer is how to blow bubbles. A friend of mine in Alabama also mentioned her little girl (who is pen pals with Chase) also is wanting to learn. Yesterday morning Chase and I sat on the front porch with our brand new pack of Bubble Yum gum (you gotta go with a classic) and I did my best to walk him through the basic steps.


Chase is getting really close to his first bubble, but he is going through moments of frustration. I told him I don't remember how I learned (maybe from my older brother? or is it something we just.. know..?) but that practice, practice, practice will eventually pay off.

The first thing he did this morning when he came downstairs was to ask to practice. I normally would have requested he wait until after breakfast, but he is quite determined. Right now he's sitting out on the glider, chew chew chewing, and reading a library book.

Another task on my Chase list is sewing.

Two years ago when Chase went to my parents for three weeks, I was left with too much free time on my hands and decided to take up quilting to distract me from my loneliness. I made a very simple block quilt out of blues which was supposed to be a lap quilt for my Mom. As soon as Chase returned from North Carolina and found the quilt, he claimed it as his own (if you see pictures of him with a blue quilt, that's the one). That summer I also made two baby quilts for Messa's kids, and a lap quilt for my stepsister. Each quilt that I worked on (with more elaborate patterns), Chase fell in love with.

He's always been interested in sewing and every time I work on a small little project, he gets the urge to sew. So of course last week when I made the curtains, he really was interested. I decided we'd go off to Jo-Ann's for fabric squares and he could work on a project. This is going extremely well. I was afraid he'd sew a little bit and then move on, but he is consistently sewing every day. He said he is going to wait until my Mom is here to work on his knitting (I tried!), and I am okay with that.

I love the colors he chose (and that pinky red is really more red).

This morning when we went for coffee he took along his sewing and pieced together two more strips (he has a total of ten now).

hard at work

 The only issue I have, and it is very minor, is that he is not comfortable with knotting the thread when he finishes stitching two pieces together. So he stops, waits for me, and I knot it and he goes off again. It has been slowing down my knitting just a smidge, but I really don't mind too much.

stripes so far

I love the fact that there is no set pattern in his mind. He may use all six shades in one stripe, or just two. He did point out this morning that he is getting very low on pieces, so we're gathering all of our Jo-Ann's coupons and heading back tomorrow for more colors (not to mention Mom is going to pick up some greens and blues per Chase's request when she's out this weekend).

And the recipient of this future quilt? My Mom. She and I tease him still about the quilt that should have been hers, so he decided he would replace it with one of his own creation. He's going to give it to her at Christmas.

But for now since it is such a gorgeous day, I can't stay indoors any longer. I'm taking my knitting and my coffee and heading out to the front porch to enjoy the afternoon with my little guy.


  1. Wow, that is impressive!!! Good for him and great job mama!! I love the colors he chose too. I envy that you can sit outdoors to enjoy the weather! Too hot and sticky here...Have a great weekend!

  2. This is so sweet. At times I still catch my 24 year old son watching intently as I sew, spin, knit...

    He did a small amount of sewing when he was young and I think that now he kind of wished he would have learned more.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. @MJ

    The weather has been fantastic this week! Nice and cool in the morning and pleasant in the afternoon. I hope you get some pleasant weather soon. Have a great weekend, MJ!

  4. @no spring chicken

    Debbie you should have your son sit down for a lesson some time! Never too old to learn ;)

    Chase has always been fascinated with whatever my Mom or I have been making. He's becoming quite well-rounded in activities. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the photo of Chase concentrating, too cute!

  6. @Swanski

    He is quite the determined little bugger ;)

  7. He's doing so well! I love it when my daughter joins me in some crafting time too.

  8. Your son is doing a great job!! You can tell that he is loving it too....



  9. @Anonymous

    Thanks Renee! Chase is having a great time with his sewing.

  10. the sewing looks great - i'm impressed he's done all that by himself!