Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still shaking

One of Chase's beds (8/2/11)

They came back to take the truck.

It's been almost two hours since Steve made the discovery, but I still cannot stop shaking. The adrenaline is pumping and my anger level is through the roof.

Around ten I was preparing to head to bed and checked out in the back yard (a nightly ritual of mine) to look at the garden. All seemed well. Steve came in and we were talking about today. We hadn't had a chance for a heart-to-heart about Libby (his current vehicle) being broken into last night. We foolishly spoke of what we would do if we confronted the would-be thieves. We reasoned they wouldn't be back for a few days, surely, because they'd be smart enough(?) to realize we were wise that all things were not right. There was talk of me rushing out the front door, grabbing the flag pole from it's holder and confronting the thieves in the driveway (okay, in my mind I was glorifying myself as a would be uber-hero -- it was a good way to positively channel my anger).

About an hour later Steve headed back to the living room to finish up his paperwork for the day before coming to bed. He asked when the last time Koda had pottied (I told him at 9) and he decided to take her out for one more trip.

"Who the hell moved Canyonero?" he yelled inside (yes, all of our vehicles have names). I hadn't touched the truck, and certainly not since he got home at 8:30. I jumped out of bed and ran outside.

Sure enough. Canyonero was backed toward the neighbor's yard and was angled to go out through our back yard and down our other neighbors drive (this is actually exactly how I told Steve they'd have to go if they were stupid enough to come back and try and take the truck). We share our driveway with our elderly neighbor and one of her kids keeps their car at the back of their side of the driveway. I park my car next to it and Steve parks behind me. The only way out would be through the yard.

At this point I started yelling. The yard. Chase's garden. Two of the frames to his raised beds had been removed and put to the side. Now I really started yelling. And swearing. Every curse came out of my mouth. I yelled more as Steve dialed 911. I was so angry that these criminals would even consider driving over my son's garden that he has worked so hard over. The adrenaline really started pumping.

I went inside and sent a fumbled text to my dad about what was going on. I quickly called Dale to let her know what was going on and hoping she'd be able to calm me down. Instead I grabbed the best "weapon" I had (my marble rolling pin) and put my shoes on. My blood was boiling. How dare they come back to try and take the truck and potentially destroy Chase's garden? How dare they soil his innocence?

I stomped through the yard, shaking, biting my tongue so I wouldn't start screaming and swearing again. I was cursing the police and the eight minutes it took for someone to show up.

When the officer did show up his best advice was to remove the battery (it's bolted in and we don't have the proper tools on hand currently to get it out) or block it in with our other vehicles. Though I had stopped screaming, this angered me more. Why weren't they dusting for prints? The thieves put both front seats down. They obviously had touched the truck (hand prints on the surface of the hood). Why were they just taking notes?

That was it. The officer took down the information to update the case and advised us what we could do. By this time I was stomping through the front yard (rolling pin in hand) looking and listening for any sound of someone who didn't belong on our street.

I have no idea what I actually planned on doing with the rolling pin. I just felt better having it in my hand. I just am so much more angrier now. Were they watching us with the police? Was this prep work for a later, middle of the night attempt?

And now I am sitting here wondering if they are going to come back tonight and try again. If they do, they'll have to be determined to get the truck out. They'd have to pull off some risky moves to get out and be prepared to be loud doing so.

But they've already made one attempt.. what is stopping them from doing so again?

I don't like being this angry. This scared.



  1. Aw, Emily!! I am so sorry. I wish I had a solution. I am thinking about you and praying for you and your family's safety.

  2. @Swanski

    Thank you -- we all appreciate it. I went to bed angry and woke up even angrier. I just.. yeah. Angry.

  3. Emily, I wish there was something I could do for you and your family. I am in shock that these people actually came back...the nerve! I hope you can find some peace today and not let the actions of other's rob you of a beautiful day.xx

  4. @Tracey

    Thanks Tracey! I am still very surprised they came back. After spending a day angry and crying off and on I am ready to start looking for the positive.

  5. I am sorry this has been happening to you and yours! I understand the rolling pin sentiment and would have been out there with one my self. Maybe one of those motion sensors attached to a sprinkler system? of course I would want to rig it with some sort of foul smelling dye instead of water. Hope the give up and you find some peace.

  6. @Julia

    Julia you're back!! Welcome back!!

    My husband said today it was rather comical to watch me stalking our yard in the dark with a rolling pin in hand. I am sure it was now that I think back, but I do not like my family or my home being threatened.

    Chase has offered many "booby trap" suggestions for us. I don't think they'll come back. I think they had their opportunity and they missed it. But as long as the truck is still here, there's always going to be the potential.