Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There is still a lot of good out there..

.. and beauty. I intend to find it.


  1. You sound so much better. I'm glad.

  2. @Swanski

    Thanks -- I'm feeling a lot better.

    We took the battery out of the Commander (it's too big to fit in our garage) so it's not going anywhere right now.

    Motion lights were installed at the back door.

    We've done what we can for the time being, so for the most part, it's okay now. Granted, when it was about 9:30 last night and was dark, I had a slight twinge of being at home without Steve (he was at rehearsal). I am sure that will pass.

  3. Thanks for you comments. I looked at Cobblestone it sounds like a neat place. The website needs a few picture though if it is a pretty as I think it must be. I love the bottle you are using as a vase, this post made me think about everything I have been dealing with and I believe you are are right.