Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trying to focus on the positive.

I wonder how the fairies feel about a gourd vine outside their home.

I've wanted to make a post today so many times, but every time I sat down to start, it either sounded too whiny or something happened that needed my attention (I have a lot on my mind right now). So instead, I put it off until I had many positive things to mention.

Steve and Chase cut and removed the pieces of the limb that came down Tuesday afternoon after the power company came and cut it out of the power lines. I did another survey over the garden boxes and there was no damage (also, all gnomes and fairies are accounted for, whew!). The back yard is being taken over by all things viney! It is amazing how within the past two weeks they have just taken over (and I am perfectly okay with that). The two beds that had been disturbed during the attempted vehicle theft are doing extremely well. The gourd vine in the picture above is actually from one of those boxes (it made the six foot trek over the yard and up the tree).

This morning I noticed that the cauliflower and the lettuce planted a week ago are sprouting. There are also two hot peppers on one of the plants. Tomatoes? Oh yes, we have those, too.

Picked fresh this morning and used in tonight's dinner!

The first two tomatoes came off the vines today. They were heavenly. I would say we'll have at least two more by the end of the weekend. Last year at this time we had a cook-out and we were eating tomatoes off the vine. I think we're probably about two weeks behind with everything we're pulling and seeing. But hey, delayed is okay (especially since we had a late start) because I was afraid it was going to be a bust this season due to weather.

I pulled another six green beans, and there are plenty of buds still. That little zucchini is still trying, but I haven't seen any more. Lots and lots of flowers on the pumpkins, cantaloupes, melons, and gourds, but no sign of fruit yet. Going to cross my fingers. I mean, it's only the middle of August, there is still hope, right? As much as I am wanting fall right now, I am really hoping we have a late season harvest with everything that was planted.

Chase has been spending a lot of time down the street with his new friends. A former high school classmate of Steve's lives around the corner and we finally were able to get their kids together with Chase. He is absolutely tickled to have friends near by now. Today they went to the city pool to swim and then home for video games. :)

Oh, and one of our neighbors commented Tuesday that she really dislikes our Maple tree. Our home is built on property that once was a dairy farm back in 1865 and the tree is supposedly original to the farm (which makes sense.. it's massive). She comments in the fall when we're raking the yard how she's afraid of it because it's so large and has asked if we have considered removing it (we're not). After she commented again on Tuesday about it, I had a light bulb moment and told Steve "Gee! If we do cut down the tree that means there will be more room in the back yard for my bee hive and my four allowed chickens. Think of the possibility -- chickens, bees, bigger garden, maybe even that Great Dane we've thought of fostering." Needless to say, she dropped the tree discussion fast.

I'm sorry if that is mean, and we really don't have issues with any of our neighbors. I know the tree is huge, and I am sure it worries her when it storms that it might crush our house, or fall into her yard (or maybe on her house). But the tree is pretty healthy. If it were sick, dying.. I would have it taken down in an instant. But why mess with something that is still healthy, living, and providing so much shade and has so much history?

And now, I will stop before I go on a rant that I really don't want to go on. I will close the evening with a picture of my evening: Chase and a couple of our pets getting ready to watch Chopped on Food Network.

Chase, Koda, and Sage


  1. Emily, glad you were able to find the good and positive in today. Some days just take so much effort don't they? Glad your vegetables are doing well and you are getting to harvest. I am already missing my garden so much! xx

  2. @Tracey

    It definitely has been an interesting, and slightly trying week, to say the least! But yes, I am glad that there were bright, positive spots mixed in.

    Your garden is all done? What about fall plantings?

  3. We had a neighbor like that when we lived in Michigan, she was afraid a tree would fall on her house too. We called in a tree expert from extension services to assess the tree-he said it was healthy and would not fall on her house :)

    I try to focus on the positive too!

  4. @Swanski

    Haha.. maybe we have your former neighbor here? ;)

    Steve thinks we'll have someone come out and check the tree just to make sure all is well.

  5. I think you just presented her with options. Either the tree or these other things. It is all about choices, right? Hope your days are going better.

  6. I had to chuckle at your comment to the nosy neighbor. I think you're handling the situation with grace and tact. :)

  7. @cpcable

    The last thing I want to do is upset my neighbors, but gosh, it's my yard! I keep thinking if they want to nitpick so much about what I do in my yard, I could turn around and do the same to them.

    I have decided that I will be keeping bees. I've scoped out the spot in our back yard that the City will approve of. Now to take a few classes and study up on it!