Monday, August 15, 2011

What goes up...

.. eventually comes down.

Limb from our Maple tree in the back yard.

 This afternoon shortly after Chase went to play with his friends and right before Steve came home, I heard a thump toward the back of the house. I had just assumed it was the cats upstairs playing (Jess in particular does not like when Chase leaves the house and goes into his room to get into things) and thought nothing of it. When Steve came home and took Koda out he called in to me and said I needed to look out in the back yard immediately. I instantly thought to the truck sitting there, wondering if I had missed another potential break-in. Not so much.

One of the massive limbs on our Maple came down in the back yard, brushing the gutters along the back of the house and resting partially on the power lines. Steve called the power company (who may be out within the next two days) to come and clear the lines. This is extremely frustrating to have to wait on.

A view up into the tree -- you can see where the limb cracked and snapped off.
My biggest concern now is the branch above the one that fell is also cracked. If that one comes down it will most likely hit the house and take out the power lines completely. Unless the lines come down, it's not considered an emergency (I really, really am frustrated about this).

From the neighbor's driveway, a shot up at the top of the tree (Chase's room is the window nearest the chimney).

Taken from our neighbor's driveway into our back yard.

Amazingly the garden is in tact. The limb fell between two of the boxes and missed the tomatoes completely. This is the second near miss to the garden in the past two weeks. We are so thankful that there is no real damage.

Hoping the power company comes out soon and gets this cleared up (and does not damage the garden).

Never a dull moment!


  1. I hope they take care of the limb that could take down!!

  2. @Swanski

    Me too! The weather is supposed to be good for the next few days. I'm afraid if it storms again it'll come down.

  3. We had a huge limb come down just a few feet from our visiting friend who was here helping with my daughter's wedding. It was just as we were leaving for the rehearsal. It was almost a week before we could address the fact that it was taking up half of our backyard and get it out of there! The rest of the tree doesn't look great but it belongs to the neighbor who doesn't seem too worried about it. Yes, frustration.

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. @no spring chicken

    Eep how scary! Thankfully the power company came out yesterday morning and untangled the branch from the power line so we could take care of it. Steve and Chase spent about an hour cutting it up and hauling the pieces to the street. We're going to need to speak with a tree trimmer about the other branch now.