Saturday, September 10, 2011

I have started to post a handful of times, but each time I was either pulled away due to something else needing my immediate attention, or I just became tired and decided to try again later.

So here we go.

The two weeks between the time I start school and Chase goes back to school are always a major adjustment period (mostly for me). The first week of my semester started on a Friday. Most professors that hold online classes don't start until the following Monday, but the option is there to start immediately (my weather professor did this). Online professors can also decide when the week ends for their classes. It could be at noon on Sunday, or midnight, or even sometime on Monday. I have yet to have one semester of online classes where my professors ended the week on the same date (and time). It's a bit confusing, especially after the first week of the semester is ten days long.

Anyway, the first week of my semester I had all of my work done for my classes before Wednesday and felt rather proud of myself (and perhaps even a big smug about it). I figured if the rest of the semester could be so easy, I'd have it made in the shade. Then Labor Day weekend happened. Campus was closed Friday through Monday (so no Friday morning class) and Chase started school the day after Labor Day (and that first day is only a half day for the elementary set). All of this threw off my perfect first week.

Tuesday I was able to start my classwork for the current week. As I was finishing watching one lecture, it was time to get Chase. I treated him to lunch, did the weather bookwork, farmer's market, and then we were home. I had lost my motivation to get any coursework done. Needless to say I was not done with everything on Wednesday. Nor Thursday or Friday. I finished up almost all of my coursework for my online classes today. I still have to submit my responses for my weather class before Monday. And yes, it will have to wait until Monday.

Why? you may be wondering. Well, because being the genius I was, I left my book and manual in my bag in my car when Chase and I got home Tuesday afternoon. I decided I would bring it in Wednesday morning and submit my work after I had taken Chase to the bus and before I needed to leave for my welding class.

It started to rain when we left the house. I wanted the rain. I needed the rain. My car was still acting up and the theory was if I needed to throw on my wipers and lights, maybe just maybe it would act up and I could rush it in to the mechanic. Sure enough, when Chase and I pulled up to his bus stop I couldn't get the wipers and lights off. I was excited. I called Steve to let him know I would be heading over (right after I stopped at home to drop off the dog). I sat with my car off and my lights and wipers on for ten long minutes until Chase's bus came. I turned my car on, dropped the parking brake, and the darn lights and wipers shut off!

I tested them all the way home and there were no issues. I decided I would still take the car over (even though the rain stopped) to have it checked. So after dropping Koda off at home, I wondered if I could trigger the problem by spraying down the car with the hose. I never got to that point. I turned the car on and went to turn the wipers/lights on and now they wouldn't come on! I found this slightly comical. So I dropped the parking brake and guess what.. they came on.

I put two and two together. As strange as it sounded, if I put the parking brake on I had light/wiper issues. I tested this twice more on the way to the mechanic and each time I was rewarded with the car misbehaving. When I told my mechanic I said "It sounds weird, I know, but I swear, just try it." He did, and he got it to misbehave. Steve met me ten minutes later and whisked me off to home until it was time for class.

(See what I did there? I forgot my bookbag in the back of the car.)

Long story made slightly shorter, my car is finally fixed today and will come home Monday. My car was grounding electricity into the TIPM box (an expensive piece of equipment). But that was just part of the problem. It was still shorting out somewhere. My mechanic found two grounded areas, one in the kick panel, another under the hood. What caused all of this? A mere plastic cap that was on a bundle of wires has gone MIA. It caused the wires to ground under the hood, in the kick panel, and then when those were burnt out, my poor stressed car sent the electricity through the parking brake. Yep. The parking brake of all places. So the power circuited back to the TIPM and grounded out there. My mechanic says the board in the TIPM is burnt. He also says I'm lucky that this was it because it could have been very serious (and even more expensive). He's keeping my car until Monday morning so that on Monday he can test drive it to make sure nothing else is wrong. Wow.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has been able to shuffle me to my two in person classes this week around his own work schedule.

So while sorting out the two school schedules and figuring out what is going on with my car, I received slightly sad and definitely sad news from my dad and stepmom.

First of all, my dad was called by UNCH about an available kidney! My dad was extremely excited and said yes. Unfortunately, UNCH was not aware of my dad's recent heart surgery and he was denied the offered kidney (it came from a 20-something who had died from a drug overdose). He is on the inactive list until he can provide a letter from his cardiologist and a recent echo-cardiogram that shows his heart is okay and he could handle surgery. The positive of this is, my dad is up on the list. He could actually have his transplant before the end of the year. Once UNCH receives the info from his cardiologist he goes back on the list in the same spot. It's all so very exciting and scary.

Now, the sad news. When Hurricane Irene came ashore in North Carolina it did some serious damage in Columbia, NC. Columbia is a very small town that most people bypass on the way to the beach and never think twice about. Fara's parents lived in their adorable little home along the river for sixty years and never had an issue before when hurricanes came ashore. The house more than likely is going to be torn down. Sadly, Columbia has new waterfront building laws in place and even though the river is across the street, the house would not be able to be rebuilt. To repair the existing property would most likely not be cost effective. Not sure what will happen to the house. Fara can't make any decisions until her sister is back in the states. It is such a shame.

Today Chase and I spent a few hours with Dale. We went to Jo-Ann's where I picked up two skeins of Bernat's Mosaic yarn in Optimistic. I figured I could use a little bit of optimism this week. Not quite sure what I am going to knit yet with it, but it was too pretty (yay for colors) to resist. I may just look at it for a while.

I think it is time to wrap things up for the night. I feel better letting some of the stress off my heart and out of my mind. Maybe now I will sleep better.

Hope everyone has a good, restful weekend.


  1. Close your eyes...deep breath. You are so strong to deal with so much being thrown at you all at once. I hope some of that optimism does come your way and that YOU have a good and restful weekend as well. In my thoughts.

  2. Oh my, you have been on quite the roller coaster. I hope now that you wrote it all out, you will be able to rest, enjoy the remaining part of the weekend and are ready to start fresh on Monday.
    PS- keeping your Dad in my prayers.

  3. Oh I do hope your dad gets his transplant this year!! School sounds very busy, good luck!

  4. I hope you have a more peaceful week coming up!

  5. @cpcable

    Thanks Courtney. Sometimes I forget to stop and breathe and just re-focus. Hoping this week is better!

  6. @Tracey

    Thanks Tracey! I'm hoping the week starts off to a good start.

  7. @Swanski Me too! It's so exciting that it could be happening soon.

    The semester will even out soon enough. I am enjoying it all so far this time!

  8. Wow... I'm praying for peace for you, and surgery for your dad! What a time you had. I'm certain that the said yarn purchase will be just what the doctor ordered!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. @no spring chicken

    Thanks Debbie. My Monday is off to a great start and I am so thankful for this. I knew things would start to even out, it's just those two weeks are just so bumpy and I always overstress it (plus the other factors didn't help).

    Still not sure what I am going to do with that yarn, however!

  10. I am so glad to hear you found the problem with your car. Hopefully, with such a stressful start to your classes the rest of the term will go by with grace and ease. I signed myself up for stats again and she canceled the course! What great news about a transplant! Are there any act of god loop holes to the law about the house on the river? Fingers crossed for you.

  11. @Julia

    Oh no! You spoke of the evil that is stats! That's horrible that it was canceled, though. I know eventually I will need to take it again, but I am putting it off for as long as possible.

    I think the plan for the house is to see if they can get any assistance as a business (it was being used as a rental at the time), but nothing can be done until my aunt is back in the country. Ah well!

  12. Luckily they will be offering it next term or I would have lost my graduation date. As it stands I will have to take it whenever they offer it next term or that is exactly what will happen.

    Hopefully they can get some type of assistance or even permission to replace it.

  13. @Julia

    I take it that the class canceled was offered at a time you could take it? I decided I'll wait until I transfer to take it. Ick. I wish I didn't have to, though (actually, I think I don't have to, there is another math I could take).