Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self-Portrait Tuesday

I have been looking forward to Self-Portrait Tuesday since Courtney mentioned starting it last week! Yay! If you'd like to join in, stop by Courtney's page and post a link.

So.. since I posted a picture of myself slightly snazzed up earlier, I figured I'd post a picture of myself first thing in the morning. That's right, no make-up, messed up hair, sleep in my eyes, and no coffee in my veins (it's really a scary thought, you know).

I should have gone back to bed ;) 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


  1. No! You look just fine and a lot braver than I was. ;-)

    So glad you decided to participate.

  2. Emily, you are just beautiful! You actually look like my middle sister! In fact you look more like her than I do, HA !
    I didn't get my picture taken for today...hanging my head in shame, but will
    try for next week.xx

  3. @Tracey

    Thank you Tracey! Your comment made me laugh tonight :)

    Hope to see you participate next week!

  4. You don't need the snazzing up...you are lovely! I'm so glad you posted a photo!

  5. I am too late but if this is an every week thing I'll join in. You look so sleepy in your picture I want to race over with a cup of coffee!

  6. @cpcable

    Haha thank you Courtney! I really think this will be fun :)

  7. @Julia Yes yes, you must join next week! It shall be oodles of fun!

    Mm.. coffee..

  8. You are so much braver than me and I'm rather envious too! I very timidly hide behind my computer and you'll be lucky to spot any pictures of me on my blog.

  9. @Cynthia I usually do, too, but I really don't have anything to hide, so why not? :)