Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting off on the right foot

"Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it...yet." - Anne Shirley

I was determined when I woke up this morning that my week was going to be good. By the time Chase had wandered down this morning I had the pets fed, pottied, lunch made for Chase, and breakfast finishing. I was happily sipping my coffee when my little guy entered the living room. He, too, was determined to make the start of the week a good one (he always is). 

After Chase was picked up for school, I got to work on my classwork. I breezed through my psychology work and was rather pleased with my work two hours later. I decided I earned a break and took one and actually started a book of mine. I did a little cleaning, a little prep work for dinner tonight, had lunch, and tackled my sociology course work. That, too, is now complete. 

I also will admit that while I was working on course work, I was dancing around my living room to swing music. I'm sure if Steve was home he would have been amused (and Chase would have joined me because he is such a great spirit). 

I called to make sure my car was done and check on the final cost. I was dreading this all weekend (I think it was the little black rain cloud hovering over my head). I held my breath, I joked with my mechanic, he said his techs might not be too happy, but he gave me the final tally. I wanted to scream with joy. I had a "fantasy" number in my head, an ideal number that I doubt would be it. It was actually less. He decided to only charge me with three hours of labor, even though there was considerably more put in on my car. He asked if I was okay and I almost squealed again. I see cookies coming their way in the next week as a token of my appreciation. I love my mechanic. Once Steve is home from his case, we'll go pick up my car. I am so relieved. 

I also ordered my yarn for all of my future gifts this afternoon (I was putting it off until I knew the final cost on the car repair). I am so looking forward to the arrival of skeins on top of skeins (on top of skeins) of delicious yarn arriving. Oh and yes, I decided last night what I will be making with my yarn purchase from this weekend and plan on starting it this afternoon. 

The icing on the cake of my good day? A little mailbox love. 

Thank you so much Amanda! Your cards truly brightened my day. I actually really like them on the panes to my vestibule door so I may keep them there to see every day. Thank you again!

I hope everyone's week is off to a fantastic start.


  1. Looks like this week is going much better so far!! Yea! Those cards are so pretty and cheerful. Look forward to seeing your yarn selections!! blessings ~ tanna

  2. What a fantastic way to start your week Emily! Looks like you are in for a great week. I'm with Tanna, I can't wait to see the yarn you ordered.xx

  3. Me too!!! Please share the yarn purchase and who is getting what....unless they read your blog. I am so happy that the repair was within budget :D Beautiful gift from Karmama!!

  4. You post made me happy. I am so glad things are looking up over there! super yay for nice mechanic. I am also looking forward to you yarn selection, a bit of vicarious shopping. I woke to disaster zone kitchen and then read this and was able to face it. Thanks.

  5. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    Yep, this week is definitely going to be good. I'm determined!

    I seriously love those cards I am thinking of framing them to put on the wall near the door.

    Oh I am looking forward to showing off the yarn!

  6. @Tracey

    Thanks Tracey, I hope so! As soon as the yarn arrives, I'll show off :)

  7. @Swanski

    I love the cards so much! As soon as the yarn arrives, I'll show off what I ordered -- none of the gift receivers read my blog so it should be good :)

  8. @Julia

    Uh oh! Sorry to hear of a disaster in the kitchen. Hope your day gets better!