Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. Stop by and join in the fun!

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? ~ Ginny

After I finished Chase's chainmail armor, I decided that I really did need to work on those socks (especially since they are a Christmas gift for my Mom). I realized when I picked up the sock again yesterday that I really knit way too tight! I know I've said this before, but it's amazing how much I realize it when I pick up a project that I left off for a few days. I'll be careful with the mate to this sock.

I can definitely say that after these socks are done, I will be so happy to move on to a new project and something colorful I hope! I am getting a bit washed out by all the gray.

Reading wise I did manage a fun read this past week! The free book through Nook on Friday was Agatha Christie's The Murder at the Vicarage. I really enjoy Miss Marple and was quite tickled for this book. I have a couple of books at out from the library that I need to tackle this week before they're due back. Plus, there is always textbook reading!

I've been meaning to post my Christmas Knit List (mostly for my own memory) and I think I will do that today. I've been thinking on the gifts-to-be for weeks, but I think once it's down on paper (or in the cyber world) it will be more official. So here we go:

Chase – unsure; most times I show him a pattern and he wants that.
Mom - socks (in progress)
Steve – unsure, he is always hard to make something for!
Dad – sweater (pattern chosen)
Fara – felted clogs (pattern chosen)
Molly - wrap (pattern chosen)
Dale – she needs something girly; still thinking of what to make her.
Sarah – cowl(s?) I know they’re hip and cool and she’ll love them. (pattern chosen)
Gena – scarf (she commissioned one when she was visiting) (pattern chosen)

I spent some time last week searching patterns for the scarf for Gena and am happy with my choice. I'm still contemplating what I'd like to make for Dale. I'm afraid to take on two sweaters between now and December, though I know the Mustard Seed Cardigan would be perfect for her. We'll have to see. I'm placing a major yarn order this coming weekend (oh I am so excited!) so I'll see how it goes in a week or so. 

Happy knitting everyone!


  1. Hope your Christmas Knit List recipients are reading your blog! I know what you mean about knitting too tightly. I've been wrestling with some stitches on my shawl.

  2. Another project finished... Yay! You showed great stick-ti-it-ivness with all that gray. :) From the looks of things you are going to be quite busy!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. I love tha you are doing a Christmas list. I should take note and follow along. I throw everything in a basket and it really needs to be sorted! Love the sock for your mom and understand about knitting tight since I am a tight knitter too!xx

  4. Yeah!! I think just writing it all done is a great accomplishment. I really need to do that...I am making my sister a scarf. I would love to make my mom a cowl...I hate having hard

    I love the sock...I wish I could get the hang of dpn's.


    A Knitters Notebook

  5. I really like the sock, but is it wrong that your picture made me mostly jealous of the trousers?!

  6. Ahhh, yes. I see some colorful knitting in your near future. ;-)

  7. I can't post a list of Christmas gifts I'm planning on knitting. About half of my family follows my blog, and I want them to be surprised. Hope you get those socks completed. :)

  8. Shhhh... I have a few things on the needles, too. ;) Happy knitting! blessings ~ tanna

  9. Wow, seems like your Christmas list is nearly set. I don't think I will be doing much knitting for Christmas, I don't know a lot of people who would be happy about handknitted gifts =)
    The chainmail armor looks simply fantastic and it looks like it is greatly appreciated and liked!

  10. Totally inspired by your Christmas list. Got me thinking, although I don't think I could achieve as much as you in the time. I love the idea of knitting a shawl for one, on my list, who would appreciate it.

    The chain mail is brilliant! Such fun.

  11. one in my family that gets presents reads my blog. maybe i shouldn't knit them presents then? ;)


  12. @Ellen

    I keep trying to not knit so tight, but if I get stressed, or I am stressing while knitting, it just happens. Gotta work on that!

  13. @no spring chicken

    I am quite pleased with the completion of the sock. Now I just have to make the other (aww shucks!).

  14. @Tracey

    Thanks Tracey! I like having a list so I know what projects I have coming up. Three months are going to go fast so I want to make sure I pace myself. Whew!

  15. @Anonymous

    I don't like deadlines either, Renee, so this will be an interesting challenge.

    I really like the dpns, but these thin ones I am so afraid of snapping. One is pretty bent so I hope it hangs tough for the other sock.

  16. @Jen

    Oh yes, I can hardly wait. I want lots and lots of bright colors now!

  17. @Charis's Mum

    Oh I can completely understand! I don't think any of my family follows my blog so whew!

  18. @FlauschiOhren I made sure those that are getting a handmade gift truly appreciate the effort :) My husband would prefer a book, so he can come off the list, and most of my knitting for the past four months has been dedicated to Chase, so he can also be removed from the list :D

    The chainmail armor was quite fun to make. Chase seems to love it!

  19. @Cheryl

    Glad my list could inspire! :) I have a lot to get done, but I am hopeful it will all fall into place. I am ready, I just need the yarn to arrive!

  20. that's so inspiring! i love your list and all the thought that you put into it, how exiteing to put in that yarn order! good luck!

  21. You are tired of gray and I am tired of rainbows. I love the idea of posting your Christmas list, I'll do it in the morning, thanks for the idea. Looking forward to see you yarn order, like early Christmas. I love Miss Marple and Murder at the Vicarage is one of my favorites.

  22. I totally understand getting burned out by a color!
    Christmas gifts that are homemade are the best. I really need to write my list of people and who's getting what also! Thanks for the idea.

  23. The chain mail was so fab - those were great photos. I passed up a copy of and Agatha Christie at the charity stand in the supermarket yester day - wonder if it will still be there? Great list of things you are planning . xxx

  24. @Julia

    We could switch for a while! :) I have been dreaming of this yarn order for months. I am giddy with excitement!

    Do you ever watch Miss Marple on BBC? When we were living with my inlaws after we first moved, my mother in law introduced me to her and I fell in love!

    Can't wait to see your Christmas list!

  25. @Ann

    I think I know why my Mom (and many other knitters) knit multiple projects at once. I probably should have changed to something quick and easy after Chase's sweater instead of continuing on with gray!

  26. @The Barefoot Crofter

    Thank you! Oh if the Agatha Christie is still there you should pick it up!

  27. Wow, busy fingers! Knitting multiple projects keep the energy up. Otherwise, it feels like an eternity until you're able to create something different instead of that one-long-sleeve.

  28. I love Miss Marple in all forms! I really like the new series too. A totally different interpretation on her.

    I have been thinking I need to find specific projects for each person not just general ideas that should help.

  29. @Julia

    Yeah I am really enjoying the new Marple! Fun stuff.

    I went ahead and decided on specific things, and found the patterns, so there would be no guessing late in the game. It's a big stress reliever!

  30. @Baby By The Sea

    That's what I figure, too. When I start the sweater for my dad, I'll also be working on other smaller projects. Whew!